Why Chipotle rocks

In a world full of restaurants that stuffs its customers with fake “food”, “food” full of crap that isn’t food, we have Chipotle. I’m talking about nice sit down restaurants, steakhouses that serve you beef full of GMOs because “grain fed beef is tastier” or a great Italian place that serves you pasta full of processed corn oils and veggies that are full of GMOs to either protect them from bugs or to make them grow super big. Not to mention the fast food places where it is highly unlikely anything you eat is actual food. I would really like to see where the “chicken” comes from at a place like McDonalds or Burger King.

Chipotle is, to me, sort of like the Hartwig’s or the Paleo movement of fast food. Really pushing and striving for natural food; food without GMO’s, free range cattle and pigs that are raised in an environment that is friendly for the pigs.

From Chipotle comes this commercial and it is brilliant:

How beautiful is that?

But I also must mention this. On that page Chipotle does list all the ingredients that they serve that has GMO’s. Depressing. They are trying. But thanks to that page I now get barbacoa or carnitas on my salad rather than the chicken.

Lettuce, carnitas, two scoops of mild, hot and guacamole. No GMO’s…..but…..I also get fajita vegetables which do have GMOs because they are cooked in soybean oil. The good news is this blurb:

At restaurants in the New York Metropolitan area (including New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, and Southwestern Connecticut) we sauté Fajita Vegetables with Rice Bran Oil, while in other restaurants we use Soybean Oil. We are currently in the process of transitioning the rest of our restaurants to cooking with Rice Bran Oil.

Yes, please get rid of soybean oil.

It is a work in progress for Chipotle and that’s all I can ask for. They are trying to bring us clean food and I appreciate that.


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