CrossFit is the devil and can kill you!! Waaaaaaambulance

I don't see the word "CrossFit" in the definition. It isn't unique to CrossFit.

I don’t see the word “CrossFit” in the definition. It isn’t unique to CrossFit.

It sure feels like CrossFit has come under attack more so than usual this week, doesn’t it?

First we had this post on that kind of, sort of, said that by doing CrossFit you could die. It doesn’t say definitively that CrossFit will give you Rhabdo, but it hints pretty hard.

That post spawned this on Good Morning America. They interview the professor who wrote the article above…and not to get too immature but it looks like that PT professor it just afraid of any sort of physical activity. Which is strange considering he is a PT prof. They always say it is hard to trust a fat doctor, right? Which takes me off topic a bit in that my old doctor was like 300 pounds or heavier; a really big guy. One time I asked him about losing some more weight or maybe I said I wanted to lose more weight and he told me that I probably couldn’t because of my muscle. How can I listen to a doctor who needs to loose at LEAST 100 pounds when it comes to losing weight?

Anyway, the good news from the Good Morning America piece was that the doctor on set did say that it can happen to anyone who partakes in physical activity, not just CrossFitters.

Then we have this article on about a pregnant lady doing CrossFit. I think doing CrossFit (or any physical activity) as long as possible during pregnancy is great! Strong mommy = strong baby. When I was still working out at CrossFit Lodo one of the ladies in the morning did CrossFit up until just about before she had the baby and did great. She new her limits (running and situps were modified or substituted, for example) and kept coming and getting a good workout. Her recovery after the baby was amazing and she was back at the gym in no time. At CrossFit Crush, where I currently workout, one of our members just had a baby, too, and she did CrossFit up until a week before she had the child. Now her and her husband bring the new born to the 4:30 class daily and both workout. Mom recovered insanely quickly and my wife has mentioned how good she looks so soon after giving birth.

Using pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and gain 50 pounds is ridiculous. CrossFit is inclusive and this means it can be scaled and modified for expecting mothers, too.

What I don’t understand is why all of this on CrossFit? Search the CrossFit Journal and you will find more than a few articles on Rhabdo. I think what separates CrossFit from other exercise routines (including marathon running) is that CrossFit isn’t shy about Rhabdo: they make sure their trainers are fully aware of it (it is discussed during the Level 1 seminars). What about the average marathon runner? Do they realize that almost all marathon runners suffer from a mild form of Rhabdo after every race? What about the horrid stories of peoples toe nails falling off after a marathon – and not just one toe nail – ALL of their toe nails? Or the blisters? Or the need to wear those huge Chipotle burrito foil wraps after a run? Yet, people keep on running. We are supposed to stop CrossFit because one person had a bad experience? CrossFit can kill you now?

Why don’t papers like this get the attention of the national media? Sure there are more runners than CrossFitters, but I hear about people dropping dead during or after a marathon “all the time”. (Not really all the time, but you get my point, right? Please?)

CrossFit is not easy. It is hard. But you also have to listen to your body. If you take a guy or gal off of the street and drop them into the crazy programming going on here then you will have issues. Just like if you take your average Joe and throw him into a marathon he will likely hurt himself.

Waaaaaaahmbulance alert: you might twist your ankle while doing CrossFit. You also might twist your ankle playing basketball in your driveway (I broke mine in my driveway). You might blow out an ACL doing CrossFit. You also might blow out an ACL playing softball (tell me those beer gut old men don’t blow out their knees trying to make it to first base in less than 13 seconds**). You could blow out your shoulder doing CrossFit. How many kids has the famous Dr. James Andrews seen in his office because the pre-teen was trying to throw a curve ball before his arm was ready for that kind of stress? You might scrape the ever living shit out of your shin doing CrossFit. Well, I have seen plenty of people fall up the stairs because they are so uncoordinated and scrape their shins (OK, we know any real CrossFitter is proud of their beat up shins!!).

**As if on cue: one of the guys who works for me plays softball and I am guessing he is near 50. Well, on Tuesday night he had a “run in” with the opposing team while he was covering first base. He is limping bad, says he can barely go up the steps because he knee hurts so much. He thinks he might have torn something. But only CrossFit will hurt your knees…

Get over it, media and anyone else who doesn’t CrossFit. I guess we are better off just sitting on our coach and joining the growing crowd that thinks obesity is a disease?

Read this and think about why you hate CrossFit.

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