Not much longer until Globo Gyms start offering CrossFit-like classes

Or, hell, maybe they already do in some parts of the country.

Today I went to 24 Hour for the first time in a long time. And it felt dirty and fake. I went because I was out late last night and slept in. I spent my lunch at work doing some squats and second pull/shrugs (the bars are horrible there! No rotation!).

When I first got there I saw the usual people doing three sets of 10 reps, strange “ab” exercises and other random movements at a really slow pace with absolutely no range of motion. Then the CrossFit effect started to appear.

Whoa..that is small…It is a lady doing banded pullups. I have been going to 24 Hour Fitness since I was 21 (15 years!!) and I have never seen this before. Now, we see this daily, hourly at CrossFit boxes everywhere, but this is the first time I have seen it at a 24 Hour Fitness.

Then, as I was doing squats, a guy was using another squat rack (for 95# squats!) doing some sort of squat, reverse pushup, jump rope “WOD”. I couldn’t get the rep scheme but he must have done three rounds with some rest, but very little rest, somewhere between a typical 24 Hour Fitness goer (you know, five minutes of rest between sets) and CrossFit (no stopping). Then I noticed he was working out in some sort of weightlifting shoe. After his squat/reverse pushup work he moved to doing wall balls and he made sure to touch a second med ball on his squat. Finally, I saw him doing burpees with a lateral hop over a short box. Maybe he doesn’t CrossFit, but it definitely had that feel.

After I was done with my work I was leaving and saw this:


When was the last time you saw a trainer at 24 Hour teaching someone how to squat properly? Much less jerk, snatch or clean!? I won’t believe 24 Hour is doing this until I start seeing bumper plates. You can’t do these movements with the hard rubber plates. Still, I would love the laughs of watching a 24 Hour Fitness trainer teaching these movements. Of course, many people will knock CrossFit because what does a weekend and $1,000 do towards real credibility towards teaching the snatch?

Finally, as I was changing in the locker room three guys were talking about their workout. Two guys were in swimsuits and said they did three or four rounds of 50m swim, muscle-ups, mountain climbers, pushups and something else – for time. I wanted to ask where in the heck they did muscle-ups at in the pool area, but maybe the pool area at this 24 Hour has a rig or pullup bars near it? Not sure, first time visiting this one, but I can’t imagine they had pullup bars near the pool. They continued to talk and one guy talked about a workout this week where he did power snatches and something else. What wasn’t clear about the snatch workout is where he did it. They also kept talking about “rolling out”.

Sure, all of this isn’t breaking any sort of CrossFit trademark, after all, anyone can perform exercises whenever and wherever they want, but it was pretty apparent that CrossFit had penetrated this particular 24 Hour Fitness.

So, how much longer until they lay down some horse mats in the basketball court and start doing some sort of CrossFit inspire workout? As long as they don’t call it anything close to CrossFit it is well within their rights. When this happens what happens to the boxes we know and love?


2 comments on “Not much longer until Globo Gyms start offering CrossFit-like classes

  1. rachelaugh says:

    Interesting. A few weeks ago our owner actually overheard someone talking about the crossfit class that they teach at the YMCA….and she told us that they cannot legally call it a crossfit workout. So she had her (BIG MUSCLY) husband go to the YMCA and pretty much let them know that they will be sued if they continue to do it. Not sure of the outcome from there—but I can see how other places want to do what we CF’ers do….and they just can’t!

    • traviseses says:

      I know for a fact that if you just tweet this sort of info to @CrossFit they will pursue with a vengeance. I am not positive but a few weeks ago I took a picture of a sign in front of the martial arts place that is in the same complex as our CrossFit box because the sign was for P90x classes they were offering and the sign said “elite fitness”. I tweeted the picture to CrossFit and about 2 weeks later the sign was gone from the martial arts place. They take their IP VERY seriously. They will go after anyone who is even CLOSE to infringing on their trademarks – even Reebok.

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