Doing CrossFit will hurt you

I read other forums, hear people talking and read other fitness websites and there are a lot of people who will not do CrossFit or are strongly against anyone doing it because you will get hurt. I am not talking Rhabdo or anything super severe like that, I am talking those who say kipping pullups will shred your shoulder or that CrossFitters abuse the beauty that are the Olympic lifts.

First, I feel I must say that I agree that there are many CrossFitters who abuse the beautiful Olympic lifts, but a large, large portion of those people are new to CrossFit and just learning. I don’t think there is any harm in doing Isabel, for example, with just a barbell or PVC or some really light weight. Sure the form of a CrossFitter doing Isabel for the first time with poor snatch mechanics is going to look awful, but the effect is still there. Under the eye of a decent coach the athlete should be pretty safe. Many CrossFitters, most of them, aren’t planning on trying to qualify for the American Open or even a local Olympic lift competition. Who cares if they aren’t quite fully extending on the second pull before getting the bar overhead? I don’t stop someone from running just because they pound their heals into the ground.

With that being said, I am sick of hearing how bad all CrossFitters are mechanically. CrossFitters can’t do pullups or that CrossFitters have horrible squat form or that, in general, CrossFitters throw form to the wolves in favor of faster workout times. I have started to go back to 24 Hour Fitness on Thursday evenings for heavy lifting to supplement my daily CrossFit WOD. I am not going to my CrossFit box simply because it is out of the way. Life happens on Thursday and between work and getting to a local pub to play in a billiards league I play in I find a 24 Hour to lift heavy.

Last week I went to 24 Hour and luckily got a squat rack to do some box squats, tempo front squats and banded deadlifts and here were my observations. Continue reading

Enjoying your fitness

I watch a lot of CrossFit videos. I have been watching them for the past few years. They are kind of my crack (and a great way to waste some time at work…). In a few of the more recent ones the athletes in the videos have talked about enjoying your fitness and this got me thinking: how do I enjoy my fitness? And, more importantly, do I enjoy it enough?

Way back when I first started down my path to losing weight my motivation was my son. At the time he was about one and I decided that I wanted to be the father that spends time on the baseball diamond, basketball court, skate park, or whatever it is my son decides he wants to do physically growing up. I certainly didn’t want to be that father that has to sit on the sideline and cannot actively participate due to his weight. When I take my son to the park I want to be able to climb on the playground equipment and fit on the slides, move around freely and possibly even impress him by climbing up the fireman pole rather than sliding down it.

Here I am 90 pounds lighter and maintained this weight for at least 18 months, so what have I done with this fitness?

On the videos I watch many of the athletes talk about doing something fun at least once a week and probably on the weekends. I definitely do not do something every weekend. What have I done with my new found fitness… Continue reading

My top five most difficult WODs

I could have sworn I blogged about this already…but my limited searching skills have brought up zip in return. Maybe I thought I blogged about this and never did. That is certainly a possibility because I often have fleeting ideas full of greatness only to forget them as my mind flutters onto something else. I have had the brilliant idea of carrying a notepad and pen with me everywhere to jot down these little gold mines when they appear, but am too stupid to actually do it.

Oh well, this t-shirt was my idea first, I am pretty sure….damnit, I never did finish that stick figure drawing of someone on an elliptical

I love to read the Outlaw Way. I think there are great WODs on there, love the videos of beasts moving a ton of weight and I often pick one of their WODs to do once a week. Yesterday they linked to a Men’s Fitness article with the top six most brutal CrossFit WODs.

Top six?? Who does a top six?! I’ll do a top five workouts I have personally done and hated every minute of them. Continue reading

Box Review: CrossFit Julia and the Tough Pumpkin


Me during the farmer carry

This post is well overdue. It has been over three weeks since I competed in the Tough Pumpkin at CrossFit Julia. I competed in the “Rookie” competition with three other members from my box. It was a two male, two female competition aimed at CrossFit competition rookies. I know one of the girls on my team was a rookie and it was her first comp, the other female has been in a few competitions just this year, but her range of motion is just barely adequate and she is still working on a few of the basic movements (pullups, for example). This was my third competition this year (and my third ever) and the second male was a college swimmer, but I am not sure if he has competed in a CrossFit comp before.

Julia is a fairy small box located in pretty much the exact opposite corner of the Denver metro area from where I live. I live in Southeast Aurora and Julia is in Louisville or what could be considered outside the Northwest corner of the Denver metro area. While the box was small they appear to do a great job with storage of equipment and have adequate floor space. I would guess that if they have a class of 15 individuals they are pretty tightly packed. But, hey, so are we at my box.

Julia does have a nice entry way with a desk and seating area and a decent sized room for children. They have some cabinets where I’m guessing some members might keep post-workout nutrition along with other basic eats.

I heard really good things about this competition from last year and was looking forward to the WODs. Last year I heard they included some sort of football toss, catch and run into a WOD. Continue reading

Box Review: CrossFit Max Effort

Looking at the Oly area from the WOD area

Looking at the Oly area from the WOD area

I recently went on a company paid trip to Las Vegas. I arrived on Saturday and flew back to Denver on a Wednesday. My wife went with me and enjoyed Vegas at half the price. I love my new job.

I arrived in Vegas on a Saturday and in anticipation of Vegas I had went to CrossFit five or six days in a row: Saturday and Sunday were rest days. (We actually went to the Hoover Dam [thanks to a company paid rental car] and Lake Las Vegas for a hike, so Sunday was more active rest then all out rest.) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all CrossFit days.

Originally I had planned on using the gym at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where I stayed but found out that it would cost me $20 a day to use it. If I am going to pay $20 a day to get in a workout it better come with bumper plates. The gym at the Cosmo was pretty sweet and I could have easily came up with some good workouts and even got into a boxing ring, if I wanted. Of course, if I got into a boxing ring I would probably end up knocking myself out, not my opponent. Off to the internet I went on Sunday night looking for a local CrossFit box to visit. Continue reading