My top five most difficult WODs

I could have sworn I blogged about this already…but my limited searching skills have brought up zip in return. Maybe I thought I blogged about this and never did. That is certainly a possibility because I often have fleeting ideas full of greatness only to forget them as my mind flutters onto something else. I have had the brilliant idea of carrying a notepad and pen with me everywhere to jot down these little gold mines when they appear, but am too stupid to actually do it.

Oh well, this t-shirt was my idea first, I am pretty sure….damnit, I never did finish that stick figure drawing of someone on an elliptical

I love to read the Outlaw Way. I think there are great WODs on there, love the videos of beasts moving a ton of weight and I often pick one of their WODs to do once a week. Yesterday they linked to a Men’s Fitness article with the top six most brutal CrossFit WODs.

Top six?? Who does a top six?! I’ll do a top five workouts I have personally done and hated every minute of them.

Number 5: Cindy
Cindy is a 20 minute AMRAP and I have always said that a 5-9 minute AMRAP is doable, 10-15 minutes and the workout starts to really suck and any AMRAP over 15 minutes long is the work of the devil. Mix in the simplicity of the WOD and I just hate it.

Cindy is as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats. The elite CrossFitters will get near over 40 rounds in 20 minutes (Spealler noted his Cindy “time” was 38 rounds and that was in 2009), but my goal is to get over the 20 round mark, which I did last time I did Cindy. Not only am I sucking wind at the end of Cindy but the WOD usually results in bloody hands from the pullups, too. Not only does this WOD kick my ass while I am doing it but then it gut punches me when I take a shower afterwards.

Number 4: Murph
Murph is probably number one on most people’s list, but for some reason I kind of enjoy it in a really sick way. In my short CrossFit life I think I have done Murph at least five times. Murph is run 1 mile, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, run 1 mile. You have to run a mile at the start and a mile to finish, but you can break up the pullups, pushups and squats anyway you want.

The first time I did Murph was at 24 Hour Fitness and I had to use the pullup machine and I think it took me over an hour to complete. Recetnly, on Labor Day, I did Murph with a ~20lb weight vest and I think I broke the 50 minute mark. That second mile run always sucks.

Number 3: Hotshots 19 WOD x2
The Hotshots 19 WOD was recently performed by numerous CrossFit affiliates around the country and donations were accepted with all the money going to the families of the 19 Hotshots who died in Arizona this past summer. Over $300,000 was raised for the families.

The workout was six rounds of 30 body weight squats, 19 power cleans at 135, seven strict pullups and a 400m run. That alone sounds awful, but this makes my top five list because another member at my CrossFit box couldn’t make it and he jokingly (at least I think it was a joke) said I would do it for him on Facebook leading up to the day in which we did the WOD. I told him I would be happy to do his part and that was before the WOD was announced.

360 squats, 228 power cleans, 84 strict pullups and 3 miles later I was finished. FINISHED. My clothes felt like I had just jumped into a pool. I took me 1:40 to complete and that was with about five minutes in the middle of it to listen to one of the fire fighters at our box talk to the group who showed up to do the event. It was worth every minute.

Number 2: The burpee mile
Just as it sounds: a mile of burpees. Do a burpee broad jump and do another one…and another….and another…and nearly 600 total for me…and you are done. Read all about my birthday WOD here.

The amazing thing about the burpee mile was that I wasn’t really sore the day after. I remember treating myself to about 10 bacon wrapped dates immediately after doing the mile and then going to get beer for my birthday.

The question is: what am I going to do this year? My birthday is coming up and I need a monster birthday WOD.

Number 1: Clovis
Without a doubt the worst WOD I have ever done. Clove is a 10 mile run with 150 bupree pullups and you can break it up anyway you want.

I did this at CrossFit LoDo one day and decided that 10 rounds of a 1 mile run followed by 15 burpee pullups was the way to go. I wasn’t going to be in a hurry, just finish the WOD. I think my time was like 2:01 or 2:10, just a bit over 2 hours, but the last mile of running…CRAMPS!!!

I had a full Nalgene bottle when the workout started and at the halfway mark I had drank all the water and filled it again, yet I guess I still didn’t drink enough. I distinctly recall just before my final 400m on mile nine was done I started to get a cramp in my calf in one of my legs and I tried to stretch it out before going back out for mile 10. Into the second 400m of the final mile my leg started to cramp again. By the final 400m both legs were severely cramping, but there was no way I was running 9.5 miles, I was running 10.

I made it through the 10 miles and finished my burpee pullups and then the real pain set in. My entire posterior chain was locking up. I was doing whatever I could to stretch it out. Sitting sucked, standing sucked, everything sucked. I did some stretches on the GHD, lacrosse ball, drank a ton of water and even put down some sweet potatoes and still cramped up. It took a good 30 minutes before I was feeling good enough to get into the shower and clean up. It was painful.

There are my top five most difficult CrossFit WODs that I have completed. What are yours?

2 comments on “My top five most difficult WODs

  1. Lil Mama says:

    is it sick i want to do Clovis?

    I love Murph too. I’ve done it twice….once completely scaled and the second 2.5 months after giving birth everything but the vest….

    I have only done Hotshots 19 with a partner (weighted squats and burpee pull ups) and i kind of want to try without.

    mine are…
    not sure what mine are. i NEVER like Nancy. Ever. OHS are the devil, even more than snatches

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