Paleo Problems – free hotel breakfast

I’m cheap. Eating Paleo is expensive and often I am OK with eating regular eggs over cage free, no grain, sent from heaven eggs. If I have to eat beef that was fed grains, so be it. Thankfully I make a decent living and have a wife that hunts bargains so we found a cow in Hays, Kansas that was grass fed/finished for $1000. Enough beef to last us at least six months, if not nine.

My version of Paleo is not eating gluten or really any grains and I try to avoid dairy. Those are the most difficult items I have to stay away from. Sure, sugar is tough too, but when I find myself at a restaurant it isn’t fee candy they put on the table, it is free bread. Or cheap chips and salsa. I think dairy messes with me and I don’t really miss cheese and milk, surprisingly considering how much I used to love cottage cheese, milk and cereal, etc. And the milk and cereal leads me to this question and this blog entry.

Mixing in that first paragraph with that second paragraph: I was at a hotel this morning with my family that provided a free breakfast. I don’t turn down free. I’m cheap, remember? Yesterday, at the same hotel, they had warm “eggs” and sausage. I had the egg looking things with sausage and a package of peanut butter. I am like right on the edge of eating Zone for at least a few weeks and I think I get plenty of protein and carbs (from fruits and vegetables), but I don’t get enough fat so I had a package of peanut butter to get the fat (and, ya, probably some sugar). This morning, however, instead of the eggs and sausage there was biscuits and gravy. What’s a Paleo eater to do? Continue reading

Should I push on and workout…or rest?

I have had a few nagging injuries lately. Or maybe they are just boo-boos.

My right shoulder takes longer than normal to loosen up and sometimes at night if I sleep wrong on it nags more than usual.

My right elbow has had some sort of tendinitis in it…I think? I have never had tendinitis, that I know of, but this is what I am guessing it feels like. That or “tennis elbow”. When I fully extend my right arm my elbow hurts, ever so briefly, and only at about 170 degrees (assuming I extend to a full 180).

And my knees hurt when I walk up the stairs, sometimes. When I first squat in the early mornings they bark. In fact, they bark so loud that other folks in my class can hear them barking when I add weight.

Are these the sorts of “injuries” that I should rest? Should I not go to the gym and workout for a while? Man, it’s hard for me to even think about that. So I don’t. And I just keep going.

My right shoulder had sort of a numbing pain, really dull and really minor yesterday when I decided to do 10 minutes of every minute, on the minute of a light squat snatch to work on form. By the end of the 10 minutes I was totally pain free. I went to the park with my kids, watched some football and generally didn’t do jack-squat last night and my shoulder was still pain free. Continue reading

NOMAD November challenge

This sounds painful.

I love the monthly challenges on Derek Robinson’s blog. I tried the August burpee challenge but failed…and it sucked to fail…

I find the most difficult part of these challenges is that they basically require you to work everyday. For example, in this challenge if I failed to complete 37 reps at 135 tomorrow I need to complete 54 reps at 135 the following day to catch up. For a guy like me who does workout nearly everyday you might think this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, there are days in the gym where I do the WOD perscribed for the day and just don’t feel like I have gas to do anymore. Or there are days when I coach and take the day off and don’t do much work, if any. Or there are days in which I have family stuff and don’t do anything (like next weekend we might be in the mountains).

With all of that being said, here is what I did today:

  • 25 squat cleans at 185 lbs = 4,625 pounds
  • I warmed up with 5 at 135 to start and then 2 at 185 = 1,045 pounds
  • I did 55 Zercher squats at 135 lbs = 7,425 pounds
  • I did 3 Zercher squats to feel it at 135 = 405 pounds
  • Then I did 15 OHS at 135 = 2,025 pounds
  • For a total of 15,525 pounds squatted today

You need to squat just under 5,000 pounds a day to get to 150k at the end of the month. So, today I already did 3 days worth. Hm…maybe I should give this a shot? I will not commit, but it will be interesting to see how I do. Especially because I am thinking of giving Smolov another go…