NOMAD November challenge

This sounds painful.

I love the monthly challenges on Derek Robinson’s blog. I tried the August burpee challenge but failed…and it sucked to fail…

I find the most difficult part of these challenges is that they basically require you to work everyday. For example, in this challenge if I failed to complete 37 reps at 135 tomorrow I need to complete 54 reps at 135 the following day to catch up. For a guy like me who does workout nearly everyday you might think this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, there are days in the gym where I do the WOD perscribed for the day and just don’t feel like I have gas to do anymore. Or there are days when I coach and take the day off and don’t do much work, if any. Or there are days in which I have family stuff and don’t do anything (like next weekend we might be in the mountains).

With all of that being said, here is what I did today:

  • 25 squat cleans at 185 lbs = 4,625 pounds
  • I warmed up with 5 at 135 to start and then 2 at 185 = 1,045 pounds
  • I did 55 Zercher squats at 135 lbs = 7,425 pounds
  • I did 3 Zercher squats to feel it at 135 = 405 pounds
  • Then I did 15 OHS at 135 = 2,025 pounds
  • For a total of 15,525 pounds squatted today

You need to squat just under 5,000 pounds a day to get to 150k at the end of the month. So, today I already did 3 days worth. Hm…maybe I should give this a shot? I will not commit, but it will be interesting to see how I do. Especially because I am thinking of giving Smolov another go…

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