Paleo Problems – free hotel breakfast

I’m cheap. Eating Paleo is expensive and often I am OK with eating regular eggs over cage free, no grain, sent from heaven eggs. If I have to eat beef that was fed grains, so be it. Thankfully I make a decent living and have a wife that hunts bargains so we found a cow in Hays, Kansas that was grass fed/finished for $1000. Enough beef to last us at least six months, if not nine.

My version of Paleo is not eating gluten or really any grains and I try to avoid dairy. Those are the most difficult items I have to stay away from. Sure, sugar is tough too, but when I find myself at a restaurant it isn’t fee candy they put on the table, it is free bread. Or cheap chips and salsa. I think dairy messes with me and I don’t really miss cheese and milk, surprisingly considering how much I used to love cottage cheese, milk and cereal, etc. And the milk and cereal leads me to this question and this blog entry.

Mixing in that first paragraph with that second paragraph: I was at a hotel this morning with my family that provided a free breakfast. I don’t turn down free. I’m cheap, remember? Yesterday, at the same hotel, they had warm “eggs” and sausage. I had the egg looking things with sausage and a package of peanut butter. I am like right on the edge of eating Zone for at least a few weeks and I think I get plenty of protein and carbs (from fruits and vegetables), but I don’t get enough fat so I had a package of peanut butter to get the fat (and, ya, probably some sugar). This morning, however, instead of the eggs and sausage there was biscuits and gravy. What’s a Paleo eater to do?

My choices were: yogurt, bread/English muffins/pastries, cereal (Cheerios and Raisin Bran) with milk (skim or 2%), biscuits and gravy, hard boiled eggs (those sort of rubbery kind you find at a free breakfast) or the waffles that all the hotels have these days. What do you eat if you are in my shoes?

Here is my rationale and what I ate, let me know if you agree.

I obviously didn’t have the bread, pastries, English muffins – those are no where near what I eat or have any nutritional value. Same goes for the waffles.

I did have two of the hard boiled eggs and these are probably the obvious choice. I just couldn’t eat four or five of them, two is enough to make me question if they are eggs or some sort of chemical concoction designed to look like eggs….and bounce like one of those balls you find in the quarter machines next to the Skittles and M&M machines at bowling alleys.

I also didn’t have the biscuit and gravy because the biscuits are way off my grains diet and the gravy…who knows what that is made out of. I think of gravy at a McDonald’s and when you see the ingredients in that gravy it is anything but gravy.

That left me with cereal. And, yes, I know they are grains. I had two small bowls of Raisin Bran with skim milk, two eggs and a yogurt. I figured the milk was protein and dairy is acceptable on many versions of Paleo/primal eating. Now why the cereal over the bread or biscuits? Dunno, guess I figure at least Raisin Bran tries to put vitamins into their cereal. Sure it is essentially over processed sugar, but it isn’t a gut bomb, in my view.

Did I even come close to doing the right thing? Should I just have went hungry until lunch? That wasn’t going to happen, as I said, I’m cheap and it was free. What would you have eaten?

3 comments on “Paleo Problems – free hotel breakfast

  1. probably exactly what I would have done… at least the eggs and yogurt part. I know yogurt is dairy, and flavored yogurt is worse, but I still eat yogurt from time to time as a quickie breakfast. i’m surprised they didn’t have any sort of fruit?

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