Getting tired of elitism in the weightlifting world

Oh no! Her chest isn't up and her core isn't tight. She must not lift any weight until those are perfected!

Oh no! Her chest isn’t up and her core isn’t tight. She must not lift any weight until those are perfected!

You ever hear a band and just love their music? You think their music is unknown and since it isn’t played on MTV (do they still play music videos?) and the radio 24×7 you like them even more. Then the first time you hear them on the radio you hope it doesn’t catch on. Then you hear them again. And again. And again. Now you don’t like them as much. They aren’t your little secret any longer. It’s kind of a curse for a lot of bands because once they go “mainstream” then they lose their edge or street cred or whatever term the kids might use today. They lose their core fans and before you know it they are playing local CrossFit competitions.

Alright, alright, Shock G hasn’t been relevant since I was in High School nearly 20 – TWENTY?!? – years ago, but you get the idea.

Now we, CrossFitters mostly, have infringed on this little underground physical activity and many of its core fans do not like it. The sport of weightlifting is going mainstream and those who have practiced it in dirty, grimey basements for years don’t like it. They don’t like that people are performing the snatch with pretty new bumper plates and pretty new bars. They don’t like that their dirty, tough, hand ripping exercise is now being performed by the local dentists secretary who wears more nail polish than chalk. We are turning their sport into a mainstream sport! Continue reading

I got hurt doing CrossFit and I hate talking about it because…

10594_10200675950594645_1613446481_nAt some point last week I tweaked my back a little bit. I don’t recall ever thinking it really hurt last week until I did the WOD that had heavy deadlifts, cleans and shoulder to overhead.

I am guessing I tweaked my lower back just a bit doing heavy cleans or heavy front squats last week and then just as I was getting ready to pull my first of 30 275 pound deadlifts my back barked. I stopped, laid down for a bit and stretched. Stood back up and my back felt fine…so I kept going. Probably not the smartest thing but I finished the WOD and my back felt fine.

On Saturday I had a rest day and on Sunday I had heavy clean and jerks and heavy front squats again and my back never said a word. Later that night I played on the floor with my kids, no problems.

Monday this week I did some tempo overhead squats where I had to hold the squat at the bottom for two seconds before coming up. Then I did some weighted, seated box jumps. No issue doing either. Then I cleaned 115 to start getting the feel for cleans for the WOD, no problem. Then I added 50 pounds to make 165 – not a heavy weight – and that’s when my back totally locked up. The sort of electric shock that makes you drop everything and drop to your knees. The sort of back pain that you feel in your abs. The sort of back pain that makes you start to wonder if you will ever walk normally again. The sort of back pain that really makes you mad at yourself for not taking a few extra rest days when you first felt that first twinge. Continue reading

The CrossFit plateau

That’s me – a plateau

As I wrote just a few weeks ago: I need a change. I have definitely plateaued. I continue to read more and more that tells me I need specific training rather than “constantly varied” to get stronger and then I read this:

It describes me almost perfectly

Here are some the excerpts that really hit the nail on the head.

You check in on the website the night before and, when hitting “refresh” reveals tomorrow’s WOD, that rush of fear, anxiety, and eagerness shoots right through your belly. And while your gut tells you it’s going to be awful, your head still says, “This will be epic!”

That was totally me when I first signed up at CrossFit LoDo in 2011. I would nail that refresh key in hopes that I would get tomorrow’s WOD before I went to sleep. If I went to bed before the WOD was released I would wake up and, other than going to the bathroom immediately, I would check my phone to see the WOD. I would get in the car, eager and banana in hand and rush down to LoDo. I would arrive in the parking lot, music blasting and just freaking PUMPED to get inside and do the WOD. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing a WOD I didn’t want to partake in. It was definitely more like the first month of dating than the honeymoon. Continue reading

A little more than 2 hours in the kitchen =

I love Sunday’s because I get to spend a few hours in the kitchen cooking for the week. If I don’t prepare some food and get it ready to make easy packing for breakfast and lunch for the week then I eat out. And eating out is bad for my pocket book and my gut.

I don’t really LOVE spending two or three hours in the kitchen on Sunday, but while football is on it is a good way to pass the time.

Today I cooked…

My hamburger special: Continue reading

Time for a change. Time for focus.

LOL – I want to get strong, but this is just silly. How can he find a good looking shirt to wear?! Or pants that fit?!

It is time for a change. I need to try something different than “constantly varied functional fitness performed over a broad domain with high intensity”. I think that is how it goes, right? I love CrossFit and what I will be doing, in many eyes, will be seen as CrossFit, but it will be CrossFit with a focus.

I have been doing CrossFit on and off since around the Fall of 2010. I got much more serious with it around the Summer of 2012. Without a doubt it has made me stronger and more fit. I don’t run as many 5k runs, but when I do I continue to get faster and run better times (for those of you that think running = fitness). However, at this point, I am not getting stronger. Sure, my deadlift continues to go up and I think that it just because it is still so much lower than it should be. People tend to me amazed when I tell them that my max deadlift is 335 – they think it should be much higher looking at me.

My overhead movements haven’t moved for nearly a year.

My back squat has increased by 25 pounds in the last four months, but that has come only with strict focus doing Smolov Jr. cycles. (And, frankly, I would hope it would go up higher, faster.)

My other squats aren’t going up and I have been working on a muscle-up for months and months and haven’t made progress. (Yes, I still work on the rings two or three times a week in various capacity to build towards a muscle-up.)

Something needs to change. I need to focus more. “Constantly varied” has run its course. Or so I think. Continue reading