A little more than 2 hours in the kitchen =

I love Sunday’s because I get to spend a few hours in the kitchen cooking for the week. If I don’t prepare some food and get it ready to make easy packing for breakfast and lunch for the week then I eat out. And eating out is bad for my pocket book and my gut.

I don’t really LOVE spending two or three hours in the kitchen on Sunday, but while football is on it is a good way to pass the time.

Today I cooked…

My hamburger special:

  • Two pounds of ground hamburger cooked – salt and pepper’ed for seasoning.
  • When the hamburger is almost done I added about 1/3 of a red onion we had left over and nearly half of a white onion, about a cup of mushrooms, about a third of a cup of jalapenos and five small peppers my mother-in-law brought with her today (they are hot!).
  • While that is all cooking together I cut up a ton of pickles – I would guess today it was two cups? I put the pickles into the Tupperware I will put the meat/veggies mixture in when it is done.
  • When the meat/veggies are done I drain the grease and spoon the mixture into the containers the pickles are in and mix together.
  • When I take this to work for lunch or breakfast I warm it in the microwave and add a decent amount of mustard (I like mustard) and eat. It’s not quite In’N’Out but it is freaking good.

This made enough to make four lunches, maybe five.


  • My wife thought I had a bunch of red spaghetti sauce with ground hamburger leftover from last week so late last week she was a sweetie and cooked another spaghetti squash for me. I didn’t have any sauce left.
  • I cooked a pound of ground up hamburger – salt and pepper’ed for seasoning.
  • When that was just about done I added the final helping of left over turkey from Thanksgiving (maybe a cup of meat, but probably just under a cup) and about five small peppers from the mom-in-law.
  • After the meat was cooked I added in two cans of diced tomatoes, about 1 teaspoon of diced garlic and some oregano and let that boil for a bit and then simmer for quite a while.
  • When that was done – I think – I spooned that into the spaghetti squash.

We’ll see how this tastes…this is a new effort and not sure how it will taste. It has enough of what I like that I will eat it regardless. This is a good three lunches worth.

A dozen hard boiled eggs and eight breakfast sausage links. I put the eggs into cold water, bring to a boil, let them boil for 10 minutes and then sit in the water for a while. I peeled the eggs and put three eggs and two sausage links into four containers (one has only two eggs) for breakfast for the week.

I also cut up some peppers (one red and one green) to take to work to mix with guacamole for a veggie/carb/fat food, too. (This is enough for two days, then I have carrots and celery to cut up later this week for more fat/carbs.)

This should cover me for the week and keep me from eating out and eating junk while at work.

One comment on “A little more than 2 hours in the kitchen =

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