I got hurt doing CrossFit and I hate talking about it because…

10594_10200675950594645_1613446481_nAt some point last week I tweaked my back a little bit. I don’t recall ever thinking it really hurt last week until I did the WOD that had heavy deadlifts, cleans and shoulder to overhead.

I am guessing I tweaked my lower back just a bit doing heavy cleans or heavy front squats last week and then just as I was getting ready to pull my first of 30 275 pound deadlifts my back barked. I stopped, laid down for a bit and stretched. Stood back up and my back felt fine…so I kept going. Probably not the smartest thing but I finished the WOD and my back felt fine.

On Saturday I had a rest day and on Sunday I had heavy clean and jerks and heavy front squats again and my back never said a word. Later that night I played on the floor with my kids, no problems.

Monday this week I did some tempo overhead squats where I had to hold the squat at the bottom for two seconds before coming up. Then I did some weighted, seated box jumps. No issue doing either. Then I cleaned 115 to start getting the feel for cleans for the WOD, no problem. Then I added 50 pounds to make 165 – not a heavy weight – and that’s when my back totally locked up. The sort of electric shock that makes you drop everything and drop to your knees. The sort of back pain that you feel in your abs. The sort of back pain that makes you start to wonder if you will ever walk normally again. The sort of back pain that really makes you mad at yourself for not taking a few extra rest days when you first felt that first twinge.

Damnit, why didn’t I listen to my body?!

So, ya, I got hurt doing CrossFit and I hate talking about it because whenever I do tell anyone I got hurt they say “well, I was talking to some people and they said people always get hurt doing CrossFit.” Such a generalization and it makes it sound like CrossFit is horrible and that it is inevitable you get hurt.

I would rather get hurt doing CrossFit than get fat sitting around doing nothing. CrossFit is not easy so you very well might get hurt (you will most likely tear your hands and scrape your shins at some point – at the very least), but nothing worth having is easy. And in this case my health and well being is worth the risk of injury.

It is now two days later and my back feels much better. I am not going to be lifting weights any time soon (I will not workout again until after the New Year), but I can function without any issues and pick up my daughter with no concerns. Sure I got hurt doing CrossFit…but…

The picture at the top of the story is of my uncle who was running a marathon and was severely dehydrated and cramped horribly. How come when people get hurt running no one ever says “well, I have heard that running is really risky and that twisted ankles, bad knees and dehydration are common.”?

I am going to butcher this story, but I am going to tell it anyway.

My sister has a friend who likes to run marathons and last year sometime her and her husband ran a marathon. I think it was her husbands first long distance run. At some point during the race his feet started to hurt and he had to walk the last few miles. After the run was over they relaxed just a bit before heading to the car to go get some ice cream and his feet were really hurting. When they got to the ice cream place he could barely walk to the storefront and after they got done with the ice cream she had to get the car and pull it around to pick him up because he couldn’t walk. When they got him into the car and he took off his shoes and socks he was astounded to find his socks soaked in blood and all – ALL – of his toe nails had fallen off. Needless to say he was not walking, or running, anytime soon.

Crazy enough is that stories like this are not uncommon for long distance runs. There is a reason you have to wear Chipotle wrappers after the race – fear of hyp0thermia from lack of hydration and suddenly getting cold wearing so little clothing.

OK, so maybe saying all runners could get hypothermia is a stretch, but so is bringing up rhabdo every time someone mentions CrossFit.

The point is that running is not safe, far from it. How many people start a marathon and how many finish? Not everyone drops out due to injury, but not everyone finishes either. And how many people hurt themselves, minor or major, training to run a marathon or a triathlon? How come no one talks about those injuries and how dangerous long distance activities are?

Look, no matter what you do, physically, if you demand a lot out of your body, a lot more than just walking on a treadmill at a 3.5 pace, you may get hurt.

So, ya, I got hurt doing CrossFit. I was doing something to make myself better, stronger, fitter and more healthy and I would rather do that with the risk of injury then sit around getting fat.

One comment on “I got hurt doing CrossFit and I hate talking about it because…

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