Why does this piss me off?

Does this upset anyone else?


This is more insulting than Walgreens telling me they are on the corner of “Happy and Healthy” while they are advertising low prices on frozen pizza and Snickers.

This is more insulting than Diet Coke telling me their soda is healthy and OK for you since it has 0 calories.

I’m freaking exhausted

I am not a smart man. People who know me know this. Case in point:

I have been doing the Zone diet since around the 1st of the year. The point of the Zone is that you can add or subtract “blocks” from your diet to impact weight gain or loss. You can also track your performance in the gym. If you add too many blocks you might get sluggish and start to gain weight (or maybe you are trying to gain for strength purposes in the gym). You can subtract blocks and attempt to lose weight, but at the same time try to see if your performance in the gym drops. The perfect harmony comes when you find the right block amount and continue to make gains in the gym, either in strength or time domains to complete a WOD or both.

I started off using 20-21 blocks per day. And my first mistake came when I didn’t get my body fat tested to help me figure out how many blocks I should get a day. I still haven’t done this and when you calculate your blocks your body fat percentage is key.

Along with stupid I am lazy and cut corners. Continue reading

My Zone scheduling for the week

My sausage concoction for the week

My sausage concoction for the week

Thanks to a short week I only planned for eight four block meals for the week at work. I decided that 19 blocks might be too many for me and am going to go with 18 for this week. The beauty of Zone is you can play like this, see how your body reacts or your performance in the gym changes and then adjust accordingly. I have lost about five pounds since going Zone and while a lot of that might just be the excess crap I ate over the holidays, I think I can keep pushing it and lose some more weight. Now the real goal is to lose weight and keep performing well in the gym. So I am cutting back a little more this week and see if I can sustain in the gym.

My schedule for this week will be four blocks after CrossFit, four blocks around 8 or 9am, two blocks around 11 or 12, four blocks around 2pm and then four blocks for dinner.

I put together the newsletter for my CrossFit box and this month the recipe of the month sounded tasty so I ran with it yesterday.

I put 11 Italian sausages into a crock pot. I figured they were about three blocks of protein each which gave me 33 blocks and I rounded that down to 32 blocks. Just happens to be perfect for eight four block meals. I then added about a half a jar of red pasta sauce which was leftover from spaghetti squash a few weeks ago and two 14 ounce cans of diced tomatoes which I figured at four blocks of carbs. Six cups of mushrooms and four peppers added another six blocks. A full onion made my carb block count 12. I cooked all of that on low for a little over eight hours. Continue reading

A few new fail videos

Ah, I got to visit 24 Hour Fitness last week and found a couple good fail videos. It’s pretty much a sure thing that if you visit a globo gym you will find someone either doing something completely pointless or doing something with horrific form….or both.

I nailed two individuals, one under the supervision of a trainer, for short videos. I unfortunately caught the very end of another lady’s last “burpee” that I wanted oh so badly since I love burpees and she was destroying my favorite exercise.

I apologize for how short these are…I really need to learn how to use the camcorder on this phone….

First up, the rounded back bent over row:

This poor bastard was performing these for the first time and under direction from his “friend” in the white t-shirt. Unfortunately his friend rounded his back more than this guy. They had very light weight set on the ground, bent over with HORRIBLE form, rounded their backs, picked up the light weight and never even made an effort to straighten their backs before doing the pulls. This is a great exercise to isolate your lats, but when done like this it is just asking for pain.

Next up is some sort of funky half-assed Turkish get-up or a Russian twist or a…hell, I don’t know.

I honestly have no idea what this is or what it is supposed to be working…other than possibly putting your back into some sort of funky twist. The trainer had no problem watching his client perform this movement with both hands for numerous reps. I wasn’t counting and I don’t think they were watching a clock, but she did these things for either 20 reps or 30 seconds each hand. Or, who knows, since they don’t know what kind of exercise it is maybe they didn’t really care how many reps or how long she was doing it. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be doing it?! Maybe the trainer wasn’t even paying attention and had fallen asleep with his eyes open?!

And CrossFit gets a bad rap…

How many vegetables is 12 blocks of carbs on The Zone diet?

Quick and as easy as possible is how I like my recipes. That’s why I love my “hamburger special”. It’s fast and easy…or so it used to be.

Prior to Zone I browned two pounds of hamburger, added one whole pepper (diced), one whole onion (diced) and about a handful of jalapenos and let all of that simmer for about 10 minutes. I would then cut up about 2 cups of pickles and put on the bottom of my Tupperware containers and add the mixture in the pan on top. Mix together. Store. Warmup and add mustard and it was like eating a hamburger.

Well, I wasn’t getting NEARLY enough carbohydrates or healthy fats in my concoction (nor was I trying prior to Zone). This is what my hamburger special looks like in pictures from this passed weekend.

I knew, after my mistake last weekend, that two pounds of frozen ground hamburger is not how protein blocks are calculated. It is COOKED hamburger. This time I was going to target three five block meals for the week. I figured two pounds of ground hamburger would net me 15 blocks of protein after cooked. Now I needed 15 blocks of carbs and 15 blocks of fat. Continue reading