And the crash course on Zone continues…

Last night we made a meatloaf with bacon on top – AWESOME! To complete my 5 block meal I needed to figure out how many brussel sprouts I would need to eat to make 5 blocks. As I was reviewing the block guide from my CrossFit Journal I realized that 1.5 ounces of beef, that equals 1 protein block, is COOKED!! All my meals are based on the meat not being cooked. In other words I have shorted myself a few grams of protein the past few days and, I don’t know, 1 or 2 or 3 blocks worth of protein? Maybe?

I also packed a Kit Bar for lunch today. My wife had bought a few of them a few weeks ago and one or two are left over. My wife is on week 2 of a Whole 30 so she cannot eat the Kit Bars (she is going super strict this time around and not eating fruit and tubers! Good luck!). So I packed the Kit Bar and it is like 7 grams of fat and 24 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein. What the hell, let’s call that 3 blocks of fat and carbs (it’s close…). Add a couple eggs and I have a 3 block meal.

Sort of.

This is how my attempt at Zone will go, me thinks. A little short here, a little extra there and hopefully in the end it all equals out.

So far after two days I have felt plenty full. I had cravings for cookies disguised as hunger the past two nights, but I know that is nothing more than my brain telling me that I should be eating something sweet at night…I’m not really hungry. Energy has felt good at the gym. I have slept OK, but not great.

I spoke to a member at my CrossFit box about Zone and she said that she had to have a bagel every now and again for her carb intake because she just couldn’t continue eating so many veggies. I can understand that so far. It has been a lot of veggies. I wasn’t going to try to eat much fruit this month either, with my wife, but when I can eat an apple for 2 blocks or 4 cups of peppers, the choice becomes obvious. Give me the apple.

More fun to come, I’m sure.

One comment on “And the crash course on Zone continues…

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