A big day/night in the Twitter world for CrossFit

I am a CrossFit junky. I spent entirely too much time this weekend watching the OC Throwdown online. Thankfully, for my kids sake…, the video feed was not working on Sunday. (I would have loved to watch the heavy 1:1 WOD and then the final long ass chipper.)

On a side note, were those WOD’s too much at the OC Throwdown? There was some outlandish volume. Is that where CrossFit is going? One Fran isn’t enough, let’s do three of them in less than 15 minutes. Running three miles isn’t enough, let’s add 50 pounds of kettle bells to the run. In no way am I saying that the inordinate volume (was it more than the Games?!) was the cause of what comes next, just think it seems a little crazy, even for top athletes.

Let’s get the horrible news out of the way first: Kevin Ogar from CrossFit Unbroken had a serious, life changing, and totally freak accident performing a snatch while competing in the OC Throwdown. From what I gather reading Twitter, talking to a friend of mine who is a member at Unbroken and a co-worker whose son works out with Matt Hathcock (owner of Unbroken) and Ogar is that Ogar’s spine was severed between the 11th and 12th vertebrae. It sounds like Ogar had a heavy weight overhead, struggled to lock out and as he was bailing dropping the bar behind (we all have done this thousands of times) his knees either locked, foot got stuck or slipped and the bar hit him on his back as he tried to dump.

I can’t even imagine how awful that must have looked.

From what I read on Twitter the arena went silent while medics looked at Ogar. He couldn’t feel his legs. As they took him out to the ambulance to be rushed to the hospital the arena went nuts and was the loudest it had been all weekend. The next heat took the floor and the athletes took a knee and a minute of silence and prayers for Ogar.

The Twitter world is going nuts this morning regarding Ogar and the love, support and prayers of this community is amazing.



And there are many, many more tweets from the biggest names in CrossFit showing support. I have never met Ogar in person, other than when I judged him during the “wall” event at the Colorado Open this past summer, but all accounts from everyone is that he is the nicest guy anyone could meet. Observing him at the Colorado Open anyone could easily see that he is a fun guy and someone who knows everyone and everyone wants to know.

The “fundly” link you see above is a great place to start if you wish to help him recover and pay his bills. I also know that Barbells for Boobs will be putting together something soon to support him. Hopefully HQ picks this up and runs with it to really help him as the surgery will be very expensive and then the ongoing physical therapy to help him walk again – he WILL walk again – will be costly.

The WOD that Hathcock designed and named “Ogar” is:
14 min AMRAP of
3 touch and go snatch (heavy as possible)
1 muscle-up
12 wall balls (20/14)

These are Ogar’s favorite movements and the scheme is for the date in which he was injured (1/12/14). Hopefully we will see this on CrossFit.com soon with a way to donate and help.


On to something a little more lighthearted. Really, anything is lighthearted after that bomb.

Along with the OC Throwdown this weekend there was a competition in Indianapolis called the Great Lakes Invitational. There were some pretty big names competing in this event, too. Elizabeth Akinwale and Marcus Hendren leading the way. The drama on Twitter surrounds Danielle Sidell who absolutely destroyed the women’s field. She took second in the clean ladder (cleaned 255) and won the row/run/row event, so she has strength and cardio. If you remove the jerk ladder (she finished 8th) she won every WOD except the clean WOD where she took 2nd.


Some might remember Sidell from last year’s CrossFit Open. In 13.2 she destroyed the world by completing 420 reps – better than any man or woman by over 30 reps. However, her video submission was denied by HQ due to her range of motion on the box jumps.

Here comes the drama:

This was a response from Akinwale to a tweet about Sidell dominating the GLI:

I’m putting words in Akinwale’s mouth here, shame on me, but I read this to mean that Akinwale thinks Sidell is using PED’s. And Sidell sort of blows it off with humor in this tweet:


Later in the afternoon/evening Akinwale retweets this:

Obviously another subtle blow aimed at Sidell and lack of PED testing at GLI. Then Michelle Kinney, another Games vet, jumps in:


Take it for what it’s worth. I think these top athletes know who is who and when/if someone comes out of nowhere to dominate (from the Open last year and now this event) there is some doubt. On the other hand I am sure there are some AMAZING athletes participating in other sports currently who do not do CrossFit and once they find CrossFit they could potentially dominate. Can you imagine if some of those running backs in the NFL start doing CrossFit? They might need to work on the longer WODs, but their explosion and strength is freakish. Maybe Sidell is an athlete that is truly amazing that just found CrossFit and will dominate.

Either way, I am eagerly awaiting her results when/if HQ tests her under the new Open requirements.

5 comments on “A big day/night in the Twitter world for CrossFit

  1. Lil Mama says:

    I loved the Combine workout, and the HSPU Squat clean. The strength ladder was expected, and I thought the 3 mile run was awesome-it was mentally tough more so than physical. I hated the Frantastic workout- that was ridiculous and I really didn’t like the Chipper workout. Either cut out some reps (10 MU, 15 Snatches) or extend the time cap, but it seemed a little ridiculous to me to have 3 Frans, a 3 mile weighted run (for 2 miles at least) and then a chipper that would have been 25-30 min, if anyone besides Briggs would have finished

    Just my 2 cents

  2. pzm says:

    ‘Some might remember Sidell from last year’s CrossFit Open. In 13.2 she destroyed the world by completing 420 reps – better than any man or woman by over 30 reps’ Mens have more larger weights than her lol

  3. […] and would not make Regionals this year…if the Open only lasted one week. Remember a little over a year ago when Sidell dominated that event in Minnesota and Elisabeth Akinwale hinted that she thought Sidell might be using PEDs? Well, Sidell hasn’t done much since […]

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