My Zone scheduling for the week

My sausage concoction for the week

My sausage concoction for the week

Thanks to a short week I only planned for eight four block meals for the week at work. I decided that 19 blocks might be too many for me and am going to go with 18 for this week. The beauty of Zone is you can play like this, see how your body reacts or your performance in the gym changes and then adjust accordingly. I have lost about five pounds since going Zone and while a lot of that might just be the excess crap I ate over the holidays, I think I can keep pushing it and lose some more weight. Now the real goal is to lose weight and keep performing well in the gym. So I am cutting back a little more this week and see if I can sustain in the gym.

My schedule for this week will be four blocks after CrossFit, four blocks around 8 or 9am, two blocks around 11 or 12, four blocks around 2pm and then four blocks for dinner.

I put together the newsletter for my CrossFit box and this month the recipe of the month sounded tasty so I ran with it yesterday.

I put 11 Italian sausages into a crock pot. I figured they were about three blocks of protein each which gave me 33 blocks and I rounded that down to 32 blocks. Just happens to be perfect for eight four block meals. I then added about a half a jar of red pasta sauce which was leftover from spaghetti squash a few weeks ago and two 14 ounce cans of diced tomatoes which I figured at four blocks of carbs. Six cups of mushrooms and four peppers added another six blocks. A full onion made my carb block count 12. I cooked all of that on low for a little over eight hours.

Since I am missing about 20 blocks of carbs I supplemented with spaghetti squash. Two cups of spaghetti squash per meal adds another 16 blocks of carbs to my recipe and gives me 28 carbs. I figure this is close enough. I shorted myself four to five blocks of carbs, but spread over eight meals I figured it would be insignificant. We’ll see.

For my fat I am going to just eat 12 almonds every meal. Quick, easy, clean and tasty.

My meals, Tuesday thru Friday this week will look like this:

Post CrossFit:
Protein shake = 3 blocks protein
1 hard boiled egg = 1 block protein
1 large banana = 3-4 blocks carb
12 almonds = 4 blocks fat

1 sausage (+ small part of the 1 odd sausage) = 4 blocks protein
Veggie mixture + spaghetti squash = ~4 blocks of carbs
12 almonds = 4 blocks of fat

2 oz turkey or ham = 2 blocks protein
1 apple = 2 blocks carb
6 almonds = 2 blocks fat

1 sausage(+ small part of the 1 odd sausage) = 4 blocks protein
Veggie mixture + spaghetti squash = ~4 blocks of carbs
12 almonds = 4 blocks of fat

??? I’ll make something work based on what my wife makes for dinner for protein. I’ll supplement with veggies for carbs and guacamole for fat.

It isn’t exciting, but I think if I can stick to a rigid diet like this Monday-Friday and then just eat Paleo and “eye gauge” my food per Zone on the weekends I should be OK and will most likely lose weight and keep performance up in the gym.

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