Scheduling for the Open

This morning the obvious smacked me in the face: I need to change my WOD schedule for the Open.

For the past seven or eight weeks (since January 1st or 2nd) I have almost religiously worked out six days a week, sometimes seven or eight. I have kept a pretty rigid schedule where I WOD Monday thru Saturday with an occasional PM session where I would either lift or do some light cardio type work (rowing intervals, for example). Sundays have been my sole rest day since the New Year. I have had lighter days mixed in that have served as active rest days, but I was in the gym lifting something heavy and getting a metcon everyday other than Sunday’s. I had planned on just keeping with this schedule and my Friday daily WOD being the Open WOD in the coming weeks, until this morning.

This has been my week, in summary: Continue reading

Following mainsite this week

Gonna be spending a lot of time on this thing this week…

“They” – you know, those who know – say that if you can do the WODs on you are well rounded. If you can RX all of the WODs you are a pretty damn good CrossFitter.

I am not. I am not a great CrossFitter. I don’t have a muscle-up, I can’t squat 300, I struggle with GHD situps and on a good day I can get 15-20 pullups unbroken.

This week I am going to take on mainsite and see how it goes. The WODs have looked pretty good lately and from reading the comments it sounds like Greg Glassman has been doing the programming recently. Let’s see how much I crumble.

On Monday I am doing three rounds for time of 21 power cleans at 115, 27 burpees and 27 GHD situps where the hand must touch the floor. I can do the first two parts of this WOD, albeit they might take me a while, but that last part…ain’t gonna happen. I will do 8-10 each round where my hand touches and then I will just go to parallel or slightly past parallel on the remaining reps. If I tried to get my hand to touch for all reps I might hurt myself. Seriously. I might pull my abdomen apart. Continue reading

I stopped wearing flip flops years ago and now I have a reason why

As I have said many times before on this blog: I used to have a really bad back and horrid sciatic nerve issues. I noticed that when I wore flip flops and had to walk any sort of significant distance my back would feel horrible. It became really uncomfortable and when I wore sneakers over the same distance I wouldn’t have issues. I used to go on vacations and take flip flops, no more. I could be going to the middle of the Earth and if I plan on walking more than a block I will still bring a pair of tennis shoes.

If I go to the mall, it’s sneakers. If walk to the pool from the hotel room, flip flops. If I am in a hotel two blocks from the beach it is sneakers until I hit the sand, then switch. I wear flip flops for convenience around water and maybe to take the trash out in the summer time, otherwise I always choose sneakers. My back thanks me every time I opt for sneakers over flip flops.

And today Kelly Starrett confirms why it doesn’t feel good for me to wear flip flops and then tells me exactly why.

Think about this next time you choose to wear flip flops to the mall in the summer time. And don’t get started, ladies, on wearing high heels.