I stopped wearing flip flops years ago and now I have a reason why

As I have said many times before on this blog: I used to have a really bad back and horrid sciatic nerve issues. I noticed that when I wore flip flops and had to walk any sort of significant distance my back would feel horrible. It became really uncomfortable and when I wore sneakers over the same distance I wouldn’t have issues. I used to go on vacations and take flip flops, no more. I could be going to the middle of the Earth and if I plan on walking more than a block I will still bring a pair of tennis shoes.

If I go to the mall, it’s sneakers. If walk to the pool from the hotel room, flip flops. If I am in a hotel two blocks from the beach it is sneakers until I hit the sand, then switch. I wear flip flops for convenience around water and maybe to take the trash out in the summer time, otherwise I always choose sneakers. My back thanks me every time I opt for sneakers over flip flops.

And today Kelly Starrett confirms why it doesn’t feel good for me to wear flip flops and then tells me exactly why.

Think about this next time you choose to wear flip flops to the mall in the summer time. And don’t get started, ladies, on wearing high heels.

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