Following mainsite this week

Gonna be spending a lot of time on this thing this week…

“They” – you know, those who know – say that if you can do the WODs on you are well rounded. If you can RX all of the WODs you are a pretty damn good CrossFitter.

I am not. I am not a great CrossFitter. I don’t have a muscle-up, I can’t squat 300, I struggle with GHD situps and on a good day I can get 15-20 pullups unbroken.

This week I am going to take on mainsite and see how it goes. The WODs have looked pretty good lately and from reading the comments it sounds like Greg Glassman has been doing the programming recently. Let’s see how much I crumble.

On Monday I am doing three rounds for time of 21 power cleans at 115, 27 burpees and 27 GHD situps where the hand must touch the floor. I can do the first two parts of this WOD, albeit they might take me a while, but that last part…ain’t gonna happen. I will do 8-10 each round where my hand touches and then I will just go to parallel or slightly past parallel on the remaining reps. If I tried to get my hand to touch for all reps I might hurt myself. Seriously. I might pull my abdomen apart.

On Tuesday I am going to do the first of the rowing intervals mainsite has programmed recently: three rowing intervals of two minutes of rowing and two minutes of “rest”. During the first two minutes of rest I will do as many thrusters at 95 pounds as possible, during the second rest period I will do as many power snatches at 95 pounds as I can and the third interval will be 95 pound squat cleans. Oooohhh I can feel the pain already.

On Wednesday I am doing a pushup/shuttle run WOD to sort of give myself a break from the heavy volume. Yes, 81 GHD situps are considered HEAVY volume by this guy.

On Thursday I am going to do the WOD that was posted yesterday: a seven minute AMRAP where you pull five pulls on a rower at a sub 1:30 pace and then three deadlifts at 315. Both of those will be difficult for me. We have a task this month at my box to row 500m for time and I have tried it twice now and both times I rowed 1:32. I know I can pull a stroke or two under 1:30, but by minute four or minute five it is going to be hard for me to pull that hard. And that 315 pound deadlift is 50 pounds lighter than my personal best….so that is heavy.

Finally, on Friday I am doing another rowing interval, same format as Tuesday where this time the rest periods are max pullups, max burpees and end with max GHD situps.

Going to be a tough week and I am not committing at this point to doing a metcon on Saturday. I might just lift and that’s it if these WODs wreck me like I think they might.

You can follow what I do here or here.

Wish my poor abs luck!

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