Scheduling for the Open

This morning the obvious smacked me in the face: I need to change my WOD schedule for the Open.

For the past seven or eight weeks (since January 1st or 2nd) I have almost religiously worked out six days a week, sometimes seven or eight. I have kept a pretty rigid schedule where I WOD Monday thru Saturday with an occasional PM session where I would either lift or do some light cardio type work (rowing intervals, for example). Sundays have been my sole rest day since the New Year. I have had lighter days mixed in that have served as active rest days, but I was in the gym lifting something heavy and getting a metcon everyday other than Sunday’s. I had planned on just keeping with this schedule and my Friday daily WOD being the Open WOD in the coming weeks, until this morning.

This has been my week, in summary:

  • Monday: Find 10 rep max back squat, then do 2nd set followed with three rounds of 21 PC (@115), 27 burpees and 27 GHD
  • Tuesday: 5×2 split jerks at 80% of my 1RM then three two min rowing intervals with two min “rest” between each interval where I did max thrusters, power snatch and squat cleans during each “rest” period (@95)
  • Wednesday (what I consider an active rest day): Take 10 min to find 1RM snatch, then do 10 reps at 80% of that (always squat variation), then 100 plyo pushups
  • Thursday AM: AMRAP7 of five sub 1:35 pulls on rower and three DL (315) and AMRAP10 of escalating wall balls and tuck jumps and banded good mornings
  • Thursday PM: Depth drops to box jumps, 3×5 TUT front squat, find 5 rep max bench press, 4 rounds max rep strict pullups and 50 hollow rocks

That’s what led into today’s WOD. I was supposed to take 10 min to find my 1RM clean and when I couldn’t even get 205 I knew something wasn’t right – I was tired. When I had a hard time convincing my body to squat clean 185 I knew something wasn’t right – I was tired.

I have kept a schedule similar to this for weeks and Friday’s aren’t usually terribly bad. I still function well. I do notice sometimes that I can’t lift as much, but nothing as terrible as this morning. Who knows, maybe it was “just one of those days” and not related to the volume earlier this week? But, maybe it is.

I don’t want to go into the Open WOD’s with a “what-if” in my tool belt. I don’t plan on sniffing Regionals so why do I care so much? Because I want to know what I am capable of. And to accomplish that it is probably best to either completely rest on Thursday (I plan on doing the Open WOD on Friday nights most weeks) or going with light volume on Thursday so I am fresh on Friday.

On my schedule this week on Thursday is to find my three rep max overhead squat and I don’t have a metcon yet. I think this week I will stick with my schedule as finding a 3 rep OHS isn’t as taxing on my lower half as going really heavy back squat. Then I will program a burpee/rowing/airdyne sort of EMOM or something to get the heart rate up but not tax my nervous system too much.

Other than that I think the most important thing will be getting a good nights sleep Thursday night and then eating well on Friday. I will not get up and go to the gym in the mornings during the Open to sleep a bit later and really make sure I have some quality carbs around 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon in hopes that I have ready to rock around 5:30 when I hope to do my Open WODs on Friday evenings.

This isn’t to say that I don’t usually get good sleep or eat well, as I do both pretty well during the week, but just to add extra focus leading into the day when I do the Open WOD.



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