14.5 was brutal

My initial ranking shortly after finishing 14.5 last night. My top 5 worst WODs of all time:

  1. Clovis: never cramped so bad in my life
  2. Burpee mile: the mile that never ended
  3. Hotshots19 x2: I did it back-to-back because another member couldn’t make it
  4. 14.5
  5. Murph

That’s right, 84 thrusters and burpees was worse than 2 miles of running and 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 squats. I was in pain and almost threw up three times during 14.5. My calves started to cramp on the round of 15 (and I drank a lot of water…or so I thought) and on top of almost throwing up, rolling around on the floor for a few minutes when I was done, on my short walk to cool down my quads nearly cramped up and I almost fell over. I was in bad shape.

As long as I am ranking, here are my top 3 movements if you want to work your entire body (this was before 14.5 and remains in tact):

  1. Thrusters
  2. Burpees
  3. Turkish get-ups

Now that I have had sometime to digest, watch others and think about the WOD I think I just did it wrong. Continue reading

Starting a strength cycle

Starting Monday I am going to run two Smolov Jr cycles concurrently. The first cycle will be for my back squat and the second will be for my push press. I will squat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and press on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will take Sunday’s off during April. Will work out perfectly for Easter! (That is about the extent of my religious actions…)

I will not do many Metcons for the entire month of April, if any. Next week my wife is out of town and I will need to take care of the kids in the morning and get them to relatives to watch while I work and then pick them up at night on my way home. I won’t have much time for the gym so I will be using 24 Hour Fitness near my office.

On squat days I might mix in light front squats or overhead squats after Smolov and on press days I might mix in bench or some press variation after Smolov. In both cases the intensity will be light. I will do max rep or max weight exercises to train other areas like core and back. If I do deadlift work (I plan to once a week) it will be higher rep so it does not get really heavy.

This will be interesting to see if A. I gain some strength when I re-test late in April and B. if I lose any sort of “cardio” during the four week period. My hope is that the answers are “yes” and “no”. We’ll see.

I have already updated my Google doc with April work and will be creating my April WOD page next week.

Oscar Mayer Portable Protein packs

Just saw a commercial for these things. First, the commercial is pretty funny. I take that back, it’s really funny. Love the guy running with the parachute. Second, what a load of crap. Way to try to capitalize on a “fad” even though your ad is making fun of “fads”. Sure everyone wants protein right now so you give them a nice little pack full of protein.

If you haven’t seen them, these packs look like they contain an ounce or two of cubed cheese, peanuts and ham or turkey or some other meat. Should be a real short ingredient list, one would think. Wrong. Here are the ingredients for the package that contains turkey, peanuts and cheddar cheese:

Slow Roasted Turkey Breast – Browned with Caramelized Sugars – Turkey Breast, Water, Cultured Dextrose (Ingredient to Preserve Quality), Modified Cornstarch, Contains Less than 2% of Salt, Cultured Celery Juice (Ingredient to Preserve Quality), Vinegar (Ingredient to Preserve Quality), Sodium Phosphate, Cherry Powder, Caramelized Sugars, Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese – Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Part-Skim Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavor (Ingredient Not in Regular Cheddar Cheese), Annatto [Color], Enzymes, Vitamin A Palmitate); Potato Starch, Cellulose Powder and Calcium Sulfate Added to Prevent Caking; Natamycin (a Natural Mold Inhibitor). Dry Roasted Peanuts – Peanuts, Sea Salt, Maltodextrin, Cornstarch, Corn Syrup Solids.

One might think that turkey and peanuts could simply be two ingredients and one would be wrong. Cheese? Sure, that might take two or three ingredients, but I count 27 ingredients. Apparently the turkey not only needs modified cornstarch (ALARM ALARM ALARM), but it also requires cherry powder and sugars. The cheese requires the ever descriptive (and worrisome) “natural and artificial flavors”. And for some reason only known to those who are trying to addict you to their product, the peanuts require maltodextrin, cornstarch and corn syrup solids.

No, thank you. I think I will just stick to hard boiled eggs as my after WOD snack.

Oh, you want to know what ingredients are in my eggs? Eggs. That’s it. I just eat four eggs.

4 eggs (7oz food) Protein Pack (2oz)
24g protein 14g protein
20g fat 11g fat
2g carb 3g carb
320 calories 170 calories
~$1.00 ~$1.50

More protein, more food, less money and less ingredients. I like my option much better.

From over-estimating (14.3) to under-estimating (14.4)

What do 99% of all CrossFitters do? They judge a WOD before starting the WOD.

We all have our go-to or favorite movements and when we see those in a WOD we immediately think it will be easy. We all have movements we absolutely dread and when we see those in a WOD we immediately think it is going to suck. Sometimes the rep schemes of the WOD dictate how you feel about the WOD before starting. No matter what the reason most of us usually have a feeling about a WOD before we begin.

This multiplies during the Open. During the Open there are so many videos on strategy (which I am really starting to think are a large pile of you-know-what), so many people comparing how they score to your score, and vice versa and typically there is a large number of people you work with on a daily basis screaming at you to “go!”. Listen, if I could “go” I WOULD FREAKING “GO”!!

When 14.3 was announced I was a bit afraid. I hate, hate box jumps and am weak when deadlifting. As a guy who weighs 205 on a “light day” getting up onto a box is tiresome. Unfortunately, this guy who usually weighs closer to 210 doesn’t deadlift like a guy who weighs 210. My max deadlift is 365 which is probably 100 pounds less than what it should be. I recently deadlifted 315 for reps in one of the mainsite workouts so I knew I could lift that weight, if I got there. The thought of 25 reps at 275 scared me, especially after doing all those box jumps. Then the flood of “my dream WOD” talk that came across Facebook and the interwebs scared me even more. If everyone else LOVED the WOD then I assumed they would score well and my score might lack which would make me look bad. AIN’T NO ONE WANT TO LOOK BAD! The nerves were piling up shortly after 14.3 was announced on Thursday evening.

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Videos from USAW Cert

On Day 1 we got to stick around for about 45 minutes and watch some Olympic hopefuls train. Here are some videos I took.

This first one was a guy doing some heavy squats. Here is his 485# squat and he moved up in weight at least two more times before we had to leave. The last squat I saw was close to 600#.

Making a 350# clean look awfully easy. He was part of a British team, I think. His coach was wearing a light British Olympic jacket.

This dude was so fast. Here he snatches 285 and later he did the same weight for a triple. I need to put this one into Coaches Eye and see how long the lift takes. Can’t be much more than a second.

Finally, I need to do more weighted sotts presses. Not sure why I never thought about doing them…

(That was my excuse for taking a video of her…she was pretty hot…)