Starting a strength cycle

Starting Monday I am going to run two Smolov Jr cycles concurrently. The first cycle will be for my back squat and the second will be for my push press. I will squat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and press on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will take Sunday’s off during April. WillContinue reading “Starting a strength cycle”

Oscar Mayer Portable Protein packs

Just saw a commercial for these things. First, the commercial is pretty funny. I take that back, it’s really funny. Love the guy running with the parachute. Second, what a load of crap. Way to try to capitalize on a “fad” even though your ad is making fun of “fads”. Sure everyone wants protein rightContinue reading “Oscar Mayer Portable Protein packs”

From over-estimating (14.3) to under-estimating (14.4)

What do 99% of all CrossFitters do? They judge a WOD before starting the WOD. We all have our go-to or favorite movements and when we see those in a WOD we immediately think it will be easy. We all have movements we absolutely dread and when we see those in a WOD we immediatelyContinue reading “From over-estimating (14.3) to under-estimating (14.4)”