I re-did 14.1

I told myself I would do all of the Open WODs one time and one time only.

…unless I really screw the pooch somehow.

After I completed 14.1 (read about it here) I figured I did about as good as I could have done. I nailed most all of my double-unders and I think I went through the first four rounds unbroken on the snatches. My plan to change to clean and jerks once my grip started to fail was executed and although I really thought I should have completed at least six full rounds I was OK with my score of 259 (11 snatches short of completing my sixth round).

There wasn’t room for improvement.

Then, last night, just as I was getting ready to fall asleep, I had this bright idea: what if I do all clean and jerks and no snatches?! That would certainly help my grip, which was what limited me in my first attempt at 14.1. I also lost track of my rounds and my pace the first time, so I figured if I do a better job keeping my pace and doing all clean and jerks I could definitely get six full rounds and onto the double-unders in round seven.


I re-did 14.1 this morning and was going really well, ahead of my pace, through two rounds. I made sure to catch my breath and shake out my hands after rounds one and two. Round three was also solid, but I could start to feel my grip. I barely finished round three under my pace of 1:30 per round (4:30 for three rounds), but my grip was failing. I took a bit longer to get to my double-unders and fumbled a few times and was moving onto the clean and jerks with over five minutes on the clock. I finished my fourth round just at about the six minute mark which had me right on pace, but left me no time to rest before getting back to the jump rope. I rested a bit anyway so I could make the double-unders count. By the time I was completing round five the clock was close to the eight minute mark, 30 seconds past my 7:30 goal. Now I was out of breath along with my forearms being on fire so I had to take a few breaths and even had to break up my double-unders because my forearms just couldn’t hold the rope. I got back to the bar with just about 9:20 on the clock (I think) and I moved to the snatch for the sake of time and just picked up the bar and kept putting it back down and picking it back up. I wasn’t letting go until the clock said 10:00, no matter how much my forearms wanted to quit.

I ended up with 263 reps, four more than my score from Friday, but seven reps short of my goal of six full rounds. Forearms = done.

That wasn’t worth four extra reps….and this is why I will go one and done the rest of the Open. These WODs suck too much to do over without gaining much.


3 comments on “I re-did 14.1

  1. Lil Mama says:

    thats how i feel. i was 2 away from a full 6 rounds, but my shoulder has been hurting pre Open and i got another month!! and i have a feeling thrusters will be in there and a full S2O. so it wasn’t worth re-doing

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