My hand, my poor hand after 14.2

14.2 was the perfect example of thinking a WOD looks easier than it is. I thought I should make it to the six minute round and then fizzle out before the nine minute round. I didn’t.

For those that don’t know the CrossFit Open 14.2 WOD was two rounds of 10 overhead squats at 95 pounds and 10 chest-to-bar pullups in three minutes. If you completed that work inside three minutes then you got another three minutes to perform two rounds of 12/12 OHS and C2B and if you completed that work inside three minutes then you got another three minutes to do 14/14, so on and so on.

I thought I could get to the round of 14/14 and then just go all out for three minutes and see how many reps I could complete before time expired at nine minutes. This is my story…

I am in Arizona on vacation and arrived on Wednesday. I tried to eat clean, but when you are on vacation with a bunch of people that think it is ludicrous to not eat bread and white potatoes it is tough (I did eat In-N-Out without a bun of course). I tried my best to get good sleep and be a good little CrossFitter before doing 14.2 at Firebird CrossFit on Saturday morning.

The problem I had was that I took Wednesday off and it was my first day off in a long time so I worked out on Thursday and Friday leading up to doing 14.2 on Saturday morning. On Thursday it was 11.5 which was a 20 minute AMRAP of five clean and jerks, 10 toes to bar and 15 wall balls. It sucked as much as it sounds. On Friday we did tempo front squats (3×5 1 1/4 front squats with two second pause at the bottom and two seconds at the top of the “1/4”) followed by “Nancy” (five rounds of a 400m run and 15 overhead squats at 95 pounds). I wasn’t sure if this workload would be a good idea before doing 14.2, but I did it anyway.

After that work I still wasn’t worried about 14.2 and thought I could make it to the round of 14/14. The only thing I was worried about was tearing my hand(s). I made sure to tape up both hands even though only one person tore at my box.

The morning of the WOD everything at Firebird ran smoothly. My box had done 14.2 the night before and watching those at Firebird I started to worry about getting to the round of 14/14. It was becoming apparent that getting to the round of 14/14 was not happening very often. I still thought I could do it. I decided to pace myself and to mix in an occasional strict chin-up to mix up which muscles I use for the chest-to-bar. I read so much about forearms tiring, and my forearms blew out in 14.1, that I didn’t want it to happen again.

I got done with the first round with 20 seconds to spare in the three minute mark. Not as good as I wanted, but I still had some rest and felt good. I had one no-rep doing my OHS during the first round because I was moving too fast and not standing up all the way. In the next section of three minutes I got a no-rep doing a chin-up because I didn’t get full extension before doing the chin-up and two more no-reps for not touching my chest to the bar doing a normal pullup. And with those four no-reps I fell TWO REPS SHORT OF the six minute round or the round of 14/14.

Two. Reps.

And my palm on my left hand tore! Even with the tape my hand tore! Damnit.

As I talked to my wife after doing 14.2 she started to convince me that I should re-do 14.2 I wasn’t going to re-do it because I wasn’t sure I could re-do it at Firebird. They were running heats again on Sunday, but I already had tickets to a Cubs game at the same time on Sunday. Besides, my hand hurt! I was thinking maybe I could re-do it on Monday morning, but since it isn’t my home box I wasn’t sure they would even be capable of judging me. Who knows how many coaches they would have or if the WOD would be too long or a host of other things that could happen that would prevent me from re-doing it.

Let the eating begin!

At this point I figured I am not going to re-do it and I am on vacation and I am done with 14.2 why not eat like I have never heard of the word “Paleo” before? Breakfast was perfect: veggies, avocado and eggs. Lunch brought In-N-Out again, but this time I had my burger on a bun and with cheese. And I had one slice of leftover pizza from my son’s dinner from a few nights prior. And a cookie. Then for dinner I had carne adovada for dinner which is OK, but I had two tortillas and some cheese. And two beers. And another cookie.

I arrived at Firebird CrossFit on Monday morning feeling like I ate a bunch of gluten; heavy stomach, achy joints and full as hell even though I ate about 10 hours earlier. And someone was there getting ready to do 14.2 for the first time and the head coach was there to judge and they asked me if I wanted to re-do 14.2


I hesitated and said “no”. I just didn’t feel good enough to give it a try even though I was still confident I could get to the round of 14/14 if I tried again. I went through the class warmup and did the deadlifts prescribed with the class with no intention of re-doing 14.2.

But in the back of my head I really, really didn’t want to do the WOD that was on the whiteboard: 800m then 21-15-9 of cleans (135), ring dips and ring rows and then another 800m. That sounded awful. I figured I would surely re-rip my hand and now my goal is to get my hand healed to the point where I can do my USAW certification next weekend without any issues.

Then one of the coaches said she had rock tape and that it would protect my hand. 14.2 sounds a lot better than the WOD on the whiteboard so I had a quick change of plans. I was starting to feel better after the heavy deadlifts and my legs felt good so I gave 14.2 another shot.

When it was my turn I completed the first round with 40 seconds left in the three minute block – 20 seconds faster than Saturday. This time my plan was to just get through the first two rounds as fast as possible and just make it to the round of 14/14 and who cares about my forearms or pacing – that mess was intended for those who could get to the round of 18/18 or 20/20. Not me.

I made it through my 12 OHS without issue and when I finished my 12 chest-to-bar I had about 90 seconds to go. Had to get on it! I nailed my first six OHS in my second set of 12 and then LOST THE BAR to the front on my seventh rep. WTF?!? That doesn’t happen to me. Sure, if I have 185 overhead that happens, but not 95. There are times when I can feel the weight shifting to the front with 95 overhead, but I can correct it and not lose it. My legs give out long before my shoulders/arms do when doing OHS. But I lost it. That cost me valuable time. Now I had to rush through the 12 chest-to-bar and I started to fatigue. My first no-rep for not touching the bar was one thing, but then a second no-rep came. I think I had like eight or nine chest-to-bar left with about 30 seconds in the round. I got down to about five reps with about 15 seconds left and go no-repped.

It wasn’t happening. I wasn’t getting to the six minute round and I wasn’t getting a better score. I just stopped with about 10 seconds left. Pissed.

The only positive was that the rock tape saved my hand and it didn’t rip any more.

This just goes down as one of those WODs where you KNOW you can do better, just KNOW it. But can’t. Why can’t I? I blame all the gluten and crap I ate on Sunday. After a rest day to not do better?

If I want to put a positive spin on it my 86 reps were better than quite a few people….I guess I can look at it that way. Nah….I can’t.


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