What is a Whole 30?

I’ll tell you what it ISN’T – it isn’t cake, birthday or otherwise.

I have done two Whole 30’s and have thought about doing another one, when the time is right! I have written about them quite a bit and documented what I ate for 30 days (links above), so I get a lot of people who land on my blog looking for something Whole 30 related. WordPress often has what search terms were used to find my blog and what some people are searching for when searching “Whole 30 x” isn’t a Whole 30.

I see that yesterday someone searched for “Whole 30 birthday cake” and found my blog. Well, I hate to break it to you, but any sort of cake isn’t Whole 30. Paleo-the-ever-living-shit out of that cake; remove all the flour and sugar you want and replace with almond flour and honey and it still isn’t Whole 30. No, you cannot have Whole 30 pancakes. No you cannot have Whole 30 buns or bread. No you cannot have Whole 30 muffins.

If you want to do a Whole 30, do a Whole 30. Cut out all of the crap and eat food. Just. Eat. Food. Stop trying to “Paleo-fy” everything. If you can’t go 30 days without some form of cake then you can’t do a Whole 30. Just give up now.

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