More marathon injuries

A runner failed to finish the Boston Marathon today and other runners stopped to help. Sounds like a case of rhabdo to me. Glorify a runner getting rhabdo and then his fellow competitors helping him finish. If this was CrossFit then CrossFit would be the devil and the impetus of everything that is wrong with the world, especially those who exercise.

This is only one of the many injuries, I’m sure, that occurred today. As I linked the other day, it is not uncommon for people to die running marathons. Of course they aren’t attacked nearly as viciously (if at all) as CrossFit.

Now, of course I do NOT dislike what the other runners did today to help the guy finish the marathon. I think it is awesome. I also think CrossFit is awesome. I also think CrossFit is unfairly attacked for being unsafe when so many more people run long distances and get seriously hurt and no one ever suggests that people shouldn’t run.


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