OPT training

James “OPT” Fitzgeral

I do this entirely too much. ENTIRELY TOO MUCH.

  • I followed the Outlaw way for about a month, but not fully.
  • I followed TF Black for a month.
  • I do my own programming.
  • I sporadically follow the programming from the box I WOD at.
  • I sporadically decide to go for a run or bike ride in the afternoons or on my rest days.

I need to follow some good programming for a lengthy period of time and see what happens.

Enter OPT. For those that don’t know James “OPT” Fitzgerald is the same guy who won the first CrossFit Games. He has had a website, courses, certifications and numerous other things going on since then. It is CrossFit, but not called CrossFit. (And, really, what is CrossFit? Just HIIT with barbells, right?) There are four different programs offered on the website and I am going to follow “Being”. I am passed following “Function” which is for newcomers, and not dedicated or have enough time to follow “Will” which is designed for athletes trying to get to the CrossFit Games (this cycle is specific to helping those athletes prepare for Regionals). And I am obviously not following “She” which is designed for women and focusing heavier on overhead movements which women typically lack.

I am looking forward to it. And I just happened to see that they started a new cycle on April 11th and will have a lot of testing programmed. I begin the template today and will start with the WOD from the 11th.

I will close my Smolov cycle tomorrow by re-testing my push press. Since my knee acted up a few weeks ago I ditched the squat portion of my Smolov cycle in favor of being able to walk (didn’t want to snap an MCL or something…). I will try to follow OPT as closely as possible and match rest days with when they program rest days, but I can’t say that I won’t go for a run occasionally in the afternoon or a bike ride when the rest days fall on the weekend. Let’s hope this leads to some real progress.

And check out this WOD from today:
AMRAP in 90 Minutes:
1300m Row
200m Farmer Carry @ 2pd/hand for men, 1.5pd/hand for women
15 Wall Walks
42 Double Unders

!!! Holy crap! I will keep track of all of this on my Google spreadsheet and on my WODs section.

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