Paleo is good for MS

My next door neighbor has MS. She has had it for a while. Her story goes something like this – and I will surely butcher this, but the point will still be made.

She was diagnosed with MS and every year six to nine new lesions were seen on her brain during her yearly checkup. She slowly began to lose the ability to function (walking, for example). Then one day someone introduced her to Paleo. If I remember her story correctly it actually took some prodding to get her to try it. When she finally did she lasted a few weeks and started feeling really, really good. Much better than she had in years. One day she decided to have a pancake or waffle or something for breakfast – an award for doing so well. It’s not uncommon for those of us who eat Paleo to cheat once in a while with a pancake or waffle, right? Well, it was one of her first few bites and she felt an agonizing pain shoot down her leg. She hadn’t felt that pain since she started eating Paleo. She immediately stopped eating and decided to never eat gluten again.

Fast forward a year or two and her yearly exam. The doctor did the normal scans of her brain and there were ZERO new lesions on her brain. None. The firs time in years that no new lesions had developed. The only change? Her diet.

And now this story along those same lines.

Just like the doctor in the link, my neighbor is also running and doing CrossFit. Something she thought she would never be able to do.

Changing your diet is a powerful thing. Something I need to remind myself as I have become lax in my diet. I think another Whole 30 might be in order. During my WOD this morning I felt like I was going to puke and I don’t feel like I pushed myself extremely hard – hard enough to make myself gag. I can only surmise that my need to refund my dinner from the night before was what was in my dinner – WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. I have sort of derailed my train starting on Easter Sunday and it hasn’t gotten back on track. Actually, it was slowly coming off of the tracks for a few weeks now, it just totally jumped off the track this past weekend.

Time to re-dedicate and re-focus.

And, let’s end with a bit of humor. The Onion has put out a brief piece on living gluten free that, as expected, is pretty damn funny. The second bullet point is my favorite.

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