2014 CrossFit Regionals predictions

I’m going to take a stab at predicting the podiums for each region. Should be interesting. I only really think I know about various regions and I’ll note the ones I am most confident about below.

Going in order…

Male: Jason Smith, Richard Smith and David Levey
Female: Nicole Seymour, Lara Erlank, Dina Swift
Notes: I haven’t heard of any of these people

Male: Mikko Aronpaa, Phil Hesketh, Eric Carmody
Female: Jennifer Scott, Eva Clarke, Marlene Andersson
Notes: I have heard of some of the men

Male: Brandon Swan, Chad Mackay, James Newbury
Female: Kara Webb, Ruth Anderson-Horrell, Amanda Allen
Notes: More names I recognize, especially the ladies

Canada East
Male: Albert-Dominic Larouche, Simon Paquette, Alex Vigneault
Female: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Michele Letendre, Kristine Andali
Notes: No-brainer on the female side and I think Larouche dominates, too

Canada West
Male: Lucas Parker, Brent Fikowski, Jonathan Gibson
Female: Emily Beers, Jolaine Bloom, Jayde Quilty
Notes: Parker peaks at the right time and his performance in the Open is nothing to be concerned about

Central East
Male: Ugh, Rich Froning? Scott Panchik, Marcus Hendren (Hendren will pick up his training going into Regionals and just edge out Holmberg)
Female: Michelle Kinney, Danielle Sidell, Julie Foucher
Notes: STACKED! Both male and female. Froning and Panchik obviously dominate and Froning wins all but two events. Hendren has picked up his training and will barely edge out Holmberg. The ladies side might even be more stacked than the men. Lindy Barber and Jen Smith just miss the games now that Sidell can play. And I am deeply saddened when I won’t get to see Barber do…well…anything during the Games. Hottie alert.

Male: Numi Katrinarson, Frederik Aegidius, Lacee Kovacs
Female: Sam Briggs, Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
Notes: Briggs wins every event and dominates Annie

Latin America
Male: Leo Jenkins, Orlado Trejo, Tercio Santos Ferreira
Female: Wanda Brenton, Anita Pravatti, Antonelli Nicole
Notes: Might be my most anticipated region to watch, even more than Southwest. I gotta go with my old coach from Lodo in Jenkins.

Mid Atlantic
Male: Ben Smith, Nate Schrader, Gary Helmick
Female: Anna Tunnicliffe, Christy Adkins, Emily Friedman
Notes: Smith dominates his region like Briggs did hers and wins every event

North Central
Male: Alex Nettey, Phillip Kniep, Nick Bloch
Female: Elisabeth Akinwale, Stacie Tovar, Kristin MillerNotes: Kyle Kasperbauer was on the podium two years ago and doesn’t qualify this year. Akinwale or Tovar win every event.

North East
Male: Austin Malleolo, James Hobart, Matthew Fraser
Female: Kaleena Ladeairous, Dani Horan, Sarah Scholl
Notes: Spencer Hendel misses the Games again and Hobart’s training with Froning pays off

Male: Ugh, Khalipa? Garret Fisher, Neal Maddox
Female: Alesandra Pichelli, Jenny LaBaw, Margaux Alvarez
Notes: Maddox’s reign as second best is NorCal falls this year. Unfortunately Katie Hogan and Molly Volmer don’t make it….more air time those two get the better for me! And Annie and Miranda don’t either, two CrossFit OG’s

North West
Male: Ben Stoneberg, Austin Stack, Cole Sager
Female: Rory Zambard, Emily Carothers, Carleen Lessard

South Central
Male: Roy Gamboa, Cameron Wilson, Braden Torrez
Female: Cassidy Lance, Karen Pierce, Megan Norris

South East
Male: Irving Hernandez, Noah Olsen, Julia Serna
Female: Talayna Fortunato, Emily Bridgers, Lauren Brooks
Notes: Fortunato wins all but two events

Male: Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, Kenny Leverich
Female: Lindsey Valenzuela, Valerie Voboril, Lauren Fisher
Notes: Leverich had a rough Open, but he comes on strong for Regionals and finishes third behind the two guys who really matter from this region. Fisher replaces Rebecca Voigt who is done being competitive on a national level.

Southwest (the region I feel I know the most about since I live here)
Male: Tommy Hackenbruck, Adrian Conway, Chris Hoppe
Female: Jasmin Dever, Amanda Goodman, Tiffany Hendrickson
Notes: Matt Hathcock and Chris Spealler do not make it. Spealler retires for good this time as his size is just too much to overcome as CrossFit gets heavier and heavier. Hathcock got whooped by Hoppe in the Colorado Open (I know, not the same thing) and I think he beats him now, too. Pat Burke, another vet, also misses and doesn’t even finish top five. Andrea Ager moved back to Colorado and suffers the same Regionals fate: missing the games. I would love to see another former LoDo coach, Katie Mackey make it to the games, but not this year.

I cannot WAIT to start watching Regionals in a few weeks. Also am eagerly awaiting the Regional WODs. They are typically very heavy and very difficult.

5 comments on “2014 CrossFit Regionals predictions

  1. Eric Carmody says:

    Dude. You’re killing me!
    J/k! Nice read.

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