Week 1 of Regionals in the books

Since I made predictions before Regionals started, I gotta pay the piper after each week. Here is a recap and my limited thoughts on each of the four regions that competed this past weekend.

First up, Canada West. Here were my predictions from a few weeks ago:

  • Male: Lucas Parker, Brent Fikowski, Jonathan Gibson
  • Female: Emily Beers, Jolaine Bloom, Jayde Quilty


  • Men: Lucas Parker, Tyson Takasaki, Brent Fikowski
  • Women: Emily Abbot, Emily Beers, Alex Parker

Canada West sends two competitors to the games so the only spots that really matter are occupied by Parker, Takasaki, Abbot and Beers. As expected Parker went out and cleaned shop by winning two of the events and his worst finish was a fifth place finish in event six. I was close in picking Fikowski to take second, but in the end Takasaki (who went tot the Games last year) took the second spot to Carson. I watched a few of the men’s events from Canada this weekend and Parker just looked dominant in every event. He finished with 19 points and Takasaki was way back with 37. It continues to be Parker in Canada West and the rest. As for the women I whiffed on Abbot, but nailed Beers. Beers finally earns her way to the Games after coming close the past few years.

Next we move to Latin America where I actually had some stake or interest in this region. If you read any of my earlier stuff you know that I started doing CrossFit in 2011 at CrossFit LoDo and back then Leo was one of the coaches. He has since moved on to opening CrossFit Cuspis and now moving south to live on a beach and I have moved onto CrossFit Crush and living in suburbia, but I still wanted to see him win the LatAm region. It didn’t happen – and it wasn’t close.

My predictions:

  • Male: Leo Jenkins, Orlado Trejo, Tercio Santos Ferreira
  • Female: Wanda Brenton, Anita Pravatti, Antonelli Nicole


  • Men: Emmanuel Maldonado, Conor Muphy, Mark Desin
  • Women: Wanda Brenton, Yazmin Arroyo Loaiza, Antonelli Nicole

Leo started off OK taking 15th in the hang snatch event and then dominated walking on his hands and taking first….but then the wheels fell off. He finished 28th in Nasty Girls v2 and later on Facebook said something along the lines of “I have never been no-repped so much in all my years competing as I was today” (I paraphrase). A 28th place finish is going to be hard to overcome when the winners usually finish with less than 30 or 40 points in most regions. Those 28 points along with the 15 in the snatch event would require Leo to probably nearly win the rest of the events to take first place and advance to the Games. He finished 17th in the strict handstand pushup, front squat and burpee event and then finished second to last in the legless rope climb event. He said he was either going to go all out on the legless event in hopes of winning or burn out…and he burned out. Leo won the Open in LatAm and Orlando Trejo has repped LatAm each of the last two years at the Games, but neither will be going this year as new comer Emmanuel Maldonado won the region and will go to Carson. On the ladies side I got lucky with my Wanda Brenton pick and she won. Maybe I saw her name on the OPT website recently and just picked it because it was floating around in the back of my brain.

North Central was the only region of the weekend in which I watched the final heat in the men’s, women’s and team’s events. Being that CrossFit Kilo is from Cedar Falls and I was born in Waterloo, I have to root for my hometown squad. Not to mention I have visited and WOD’d at Kilo, so I gotta root for them. Then you have Stacie Tovar and her, um, legs…

My predictions:

  • Male: Alex Nettey, Phillip Kniep, Nick Bloch
  • Female: Elisabeth Akinwale, Stacie Tovar, Kristin MillerNotes:


  • Men: Kyle Kasperbauer, Jacob Heppner, Alex Nettey
  • Women: Alexandra LaChance, Elisabeth Akinwale, Kelley Jackson

Apparently I severely underestimated Kasperbauer as he really dominated the second half of the weekend by winnings three of the final four events and taking third in that fourth event. I also obviously leaned heavily towards the two guys who train in the Outlaw Way in Nettey and Bloch. Nettey I thought was a fairly safe bet to qualify as he did last year, but Bloch finished 17th. As for the women – wow – I can’t believe Tovar didn’t advance. I was way too confident in Tovar and Akinwale in my predictions because I said they would win every event (they nearly did in 2013). Tovar’s doom came in the handstand walk where she only could muster 35 feet and that put her in 23rd place in the event. If you take away that single event the women’s top three would have been LaChance, Tovar and Akinwale. But, the handstand walk was part of the weekend and it cost Tovar another trip to the Games. I wonder what this does to an athlete like Tovar who obviously has a lot of followers due to her looks, but has supported the choice of companies to sponsor her by her performance…does she continue to get sponsored because she looks good in a magazine or do her sponsors drop off? It was just one event, but we saw Annie Thorisdottir in Vogue recently and not Sam Briggs, and Vogue referenced Annie as the Fittest on the Planet, when Briggs in the reigning champion. I’m rambling and I guess that is life for women? Sucks I suppose. As for the team and Kilo, they did advance, but took second in the Region. They did have two teams competing this weekend and I am guessing they merge those two teams to make one super team for the Games. Can’t wait to watch them compete.

The last region from this weekend was the South East region. I didn’t watch much of this weekend as there are not many athletes that really interest me other than Talayna Fortunato.

My predictions:

  • Male: Irving Hernandez, Noah Olsen, Julia Serna
  • Female: Talayna Fortunato, Emily Bridgers, Lauren Brooks
  • Notes: Fortunato wins all but two events


  • Men: Noah Olsen, Jeff Evans, Travis Mayer
  • Women: Emily Bridgers, Talayna Fortunato, Lauren Brooks

I was totally guessing on the men’s side and got lucky with Olsen. I’ll take luck any day. On the ladies side I got the podium correct, but I predicted Fortunato to win all but two events. In reality Fortunato only won the final event, but Bridgers won all but three of the events and got second in two of the three she didn’t win. Her only event in which she didn’t finish in the top two was the snatch event and she took seventh. Bridgers finishes the weekend with 15 points and I expected Fortunato to finish with a total like that.

What a great weekend to kick off Regionals. Next week we get to watch the Central East which has Scott Panchik, Marcus Hendren, Danielle Sidell, Julie Foucher, Michelle Kinney and, um, some guy named Rich Froning. By far the best overall region to watch, in my opinion. Well, second to the Southwest, but that’s just because I know a few of the folks competing in the Southwest. Central East is full of top athletes.


One comment on “Week 1 of Regionals in the books

  1. […] handstand walks. The f’ing handstand walks. They are killing some really good athletes. As I wrote last week, if it wasn’t for the handstand walks Stacy Tovar would be headed back to Carson this year, […]

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