Today is day 1 of another Whole 30

Quick thoughts about starting my 3rd Whole 30 today.

  • My eating isn’t bad, I wouldn’t say, but it isn’t great. I have allowed myself to eat a cookie now and again – maybe a few a week when I pick up my kids at my parents house, for example.
  • I have become way too comfortable drinking diet soda….again…
  • I have become really relaxed on not eating gluten. Not that I eat it everyday, but I have allowed myself to consume a bit of it once or twice a week. For example, we like Five Guys burgers and while I get mine in a lettuce wrap I don’t even hesitate to finish my two year olds burger if she doesn’t, bun and all. The other night we went to Chili’s solely because I had a coupon for free chips – and a ate a bunch of them.
  • I don’t drink beef often, maybe once a week, but I often wonder what would happen to my mid section of I cut it out altogether. This will never happen because I love beer and don’t want to deprive myself, but for a month let’s see.
  • This will not be a true Whole 30. I have a bachelors party I am going to on June 14th that is in Fort Collins and the groom wants to go to various micro-breweries. While I have survived other family get-togethers and other parties while on a Whole 30 I am going to break for that day to enjoy the day and enjoy some beer.
  • I have thought in the past about doing a modified Whole 30 (I know, I know, it is either a Whole 30 or it isn’t). My modification would allow myself diet soda. I am dreading tomorrow because I will be back at work and am cutting out diet soda. Walking to the corner store while at work to get a pop has become not only a fix to my addiction, but it gets me out of the office for a walk. I will need to continue to get out and walk, but not go to the corner store.
  • Today (I am writing this on Monday the 26th) I bought donuts. What the hell, right? I know I am starting a Whole 30 tomorrow and I haven’t purchased donuts in probably 10 years. No kidding. Even before Paleo I always struggled with my weight. Sure, I ate donuts when someone else bought them, but I never bought them myself. Since I bought donuts now I HAVE to start tomorrow.

Wish me good luck, I am going to need it. My body needs it. I will create another food log tomorrow (Tuesday) or the day after to track what I consume for the month. Let’s hope it is clean. My wife is doing one, too, also her third and we will chat every night to support each other and keep on track. With both of us doing it it becomes much easier because when we go out to eat we will pick a place that is Whole 30 compliant (as far as we know) like Chipotle.

2 comments on “Today is day 1 of another Whole 30

  1. Kim says:

    Best of luck!!

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