Anything – ANYTHING – that goes wrong around any gym equipment is a “CrossFit Fail”

Look, I’m all for laughing at moronic CrossFitters that do stupid things, but generalizing ALL accidents that occur in a gym, garage, park or otherwise as “CrossFit” is head-banging-on-the-desk-annoying.

Here is the video:

If you Olympic lift in any fashion it is a “CrossFit Fail”.

  • First video is in some dudes garage and those pictures on the wall all are weightlifters, who generally do not like CrossFit. But, it is a fail of sorts and there is a barbell in the video, so it must be CrossFit.
  • The secnod video very well be in a CrossFit gym, but does that make it a CrossFit fail? (It is funny, either way.)
  • The clean fail at the :31 mark is clearly in a power lifting gym and not CrossFit in anyway, shape or form. But, hey, someone failed at an Olympic lift so it MUST be CrossFit.
  • Guy doing a snatch in a globo-gym at 3:11. What CrossFit gym have you been to that has that many pulley machines? CrossFit doesn’t use machines, it makes machines.

If you max height box jump in any fashion it is a “CrossFit Fail”.

  • Why does the kid who pins himself into the wall at 0:53 have to be CrossFit? Oh, ya, the only people who do max height box jumps are CrossFitters.
  • I’m not positive, but at 1:24 that is some sort of MMA or Karate gym. But, it is a max height box jump and only CrossFitters care about explosiveness, so it’s CrossFit.
  • Another max height at 3:07, and this one does appear to be in a CrossFit gym. But, damn, that’s a pretty freaking high attempt.
  • Max height box jump at a globo-gym alert at 3:22. No CrossFit gyms have a wall full of mirrors.

If you do any sort of pullup, even if it is in the door of your bedroom, it is a “CrossFit Fail”.

  • The first pullup bar makes its appearance at the 1:08 mark and looks to be in a weighlifting gym. The only place I have seen those sort of wooden ladder walls are in weightlifting gyms for L hangs, mobility and other core work. But, she IS doing a muscle-up so it must be CrossFit.
  • Back-to-back fails on a pullup bar in the door way beginning at 2:47. This is obviously CrossFit because no other athlete does pullups. (Is the second one Jim Carey from “In Living Color”?)
  • Another pullup that must be CrossFit at 3:27. Of course, except that the pullup bar moves and it is a Parkour gym. Other than it having nothing to do with CrossFit other than someone hanging from a bar…

There are, however, some funny CrossFit fails.

  • The wall ball into burpee fail at 0:48 is pretty good.
  • The failed snatch at the 1:00 mark is at a CrossFit comp. I have seen that one before and still not sure only how she falls into that position, but how her head slides on the floor as the barbell rolls.
  • OK, WTF is the girl doing at the 1:35 mark?
  • The ultimate 14.3 fail at the 1:49 mark (was that the DL/Box jump Open WOD?). LOL – he like buckles up and just falls. Too funny.
  • Well, I guess whatever the girl did at the 1 minute mark was done again. This time by a guy at the 2:19 mark.

Category all of its own: the little screaming thing that begins at 1:58. First, it is obviously a power lifting meat, and, second, what the hell is that little thing? And why is it screaming at me?! And, more importantly, if it WAS CrossFit it wouldn’t take three CrossFitters to spot what appears to be about 70 pounds?

Oh, and ANYONE WHO IS ON A ROWER AT A GLOBO GYM IS DOING CROSSFIT! Only CrossFitters row. Duh! (2:22 mark)

One comment on “Anything – ANYTHING – that goes wrong around any gym equipment is a “CrossFit Fail”

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