A few videos of me #opt

Thanks to OPT programming I had to do these today:

I have never done a weighted legless rope climb before, until this morning. I think I could have gone heavier if the descent wasn’t so awkward with the weight between my legs.

Thanks to OPT programming I have added 15 pounds to my snatch over the past three months or so. I was stuck at 165/170 for a long time. 185 isn’t huge by any means, but it gives me hope that I will get my goal of 200 someday (a goal I set a few years ago).

And I really got to wondering why I made 185 just a few minutes after missing it. So I analyzed. Look like I moved my butt up way too early and pulled the bar back into me instead of straight up, in the miss.


Just another week in the gym. Love it.

Tracking my calories

I have eaten Paleo for about two years now. I’m not perfect, far from it, but that is the basic structure to which my nutrition is built. I generally eat what I want and however much of it is I eat as long as it is Paleo. I cheat once or twice a week (meals, not days) and I have found that eating this way has helped me maintain my weight. I go on binges on vacations and maybe add a few pounds, but when I return to my normal Paleo way of eating the few pounds drop back off. I tend to hover around 207-212 pounds.

I have known this is a bit heavy for me, but I haven’t figured out how to lose the additional 10-15 pounds I could stand to lose. People don’t think I need to lose weight, or that’s what they tell me, but most of them haven’t seen me with my shirt off, either! They would most likely then agree that I could stand to lose a few additional pounds.

I will be one of the first to say to not listen to the scale to determine your health. Your health can be seen in other numbers. As I mentioned at the end of my entry yesterday my performance in the gym is still trending towards the good side with numerous PR’s in the past few months. I started to regularly buy medium sized golf shirts and they fit me comfortably (I remember when I could fit into a large how happy I was). My waist size is still the same, but I have started buying bigger jeans simply for the comfort of my legs. All signs point to continued health except the scale, and more importantly the fat around my mid section. My wife thinks it is loose skin from the 100+ pounds I lost in about three years, but the more I read on that the more I don’t believe that is what it is. That “loose skin” is actually a certain type of fat that is hard to lose.

Enter a blog post that Rudy from The Outlaw Way linked to last week. Continue reading

Comp results

Boy oh boy do I think I am fitter than I really am! In nearly every event I did worse than I predicted I would do.

And I cannot sit down today. I fall down when attempting to sit in any chair. Falling onto the toilet is not fun. Going UP stairs is OK, going DOWN stairs sucks. My quads are lit up. Bending over to pick something off of the ground isn’t the best, either, but my hammy’s aren’t as sore as my quads.

I did do my walk yesterday, as programmed, but am not sure if it was a good idea at this point. I thought a light walk (albeit a little long) would be good to loosen up my muscles, but they are f-u-c-t this morning. No pain, just really sore. My walk yesterday was 1:50 for about 6.5 miles. From my house to the gym to run an Olympic lifting class.

Anyway, onto my results from Saturday.

WOD 1: AMRAP6 – one C&J (you pick weight) and four over the bar burpees Continue reading

My first comp this year…I need to put my thoughts on “paper”

Last year by this time I had probably completed in two or three competitions, but this year I just haven’t had time or found the right one or whatever, until this Saturday. This Saturday I am doing the Battle at the Rock again. I did this one last year and it was a well run competition and some nice challenging WODs. Looks to be the same this year. I want to strategize and I guess I am going to dump my thoughts on this blog.

AMRAP6: 1 Clean and jerk and 4 bar facing burpees. This event is scored twice – first is total number of reps completed in 6 minutes and second is total weight lifted, so the athletes choose their own C&J weight.

I tend to think that I will be one of the stronger athletes there, even though I don’t feel that I am that strong. I have noticed that at these local comps I tend to be at least in the top third or quarter of the male athletes at the events. With that being said, there will definitely be guys who can C&J more than me, and do so easily. I am guessing at least a few guys will go with 225, which I cannot do. So do I use a light bar and try to just go balls to the wall for six minutes or do I go heavier and try to pace? I think if I go heavier and try to pace I have a decent chance of finishing higher than at least half the field in total weight lifted, and, at the same time, finish higher than half the field in total reps. I won’t go super heavy, but not really, really light either. I want to be able to rip that bar off of the floor and overhead almost immediately after doing the burpees. I will pace the 4 burpees somewhat.

What if I use 135 on the bar (fairly light for me, should be able to C&J when severely fatigued) and do 2 full rounds every minutes? That would be 12 reps at 135 or 1,620 pounds lifted and 60 total reps. I tend to overestimate my ability, but I think 1 round every 30 seconds should be very doable at that weight. Continue reading