My first comp this year…I need to put my thoughts on “paper”

Last year by this time I had probably completed in two or three competitions, but this year I just haven’t had time or found the right one or whatever, until this Saturday. This Saturday I am doing the Battle at the Rock again. I did this one last year and it was a well run competition and some nice challenging WODs. Looks to be the same this year. I want to strategize and I guess I am going to dump my thoughts on this blog.

AMRAP6: 1 Clean and jerk and 4 bar facing burpees. This event is scored twice – first is total number of reps completed in 6 minutes and second is total weight lifted, so the athletes choose their own C&J weight.

I tend to think that I will be one of the stronger athletes there, even though I don’t feel that I am that strong. I have noticed that at these local comps I tend to be at least in the top third or quarter of the male athletes at the events. With that being said, there will definitely be guys who can C&J more than me, and do so easily. I am guessing at least a few guys will go with 225, which I cannot do. So do I use a light bar and try to just go balls to the wall for six minutes or do I go heavier and try to pace? I think if I go heavier and try to pace I have a decent chance of finishing higher than at least half the field in total weight lifted, and, at the same time, finish higher than half the field in total reps. I won’t go super heavy, but not really, really light either. I want to be able to rip that bar off of the floor and overhead almost immediately after doing the burpees. I will pace the 4 burpees somewhat.

What if I use 135 on the bar (fairly light for me, should be able to C&J when severely fatigued) and do 2 full rounds every minutes? That would be 12 reps at 135 or 1,620 pounds lifted and 60 total reps. I tend to overestimate my ability, but I think 1 round every 30 seconds should be very doable at that weight.

What if I use 185? That weight is still very doable and I think I can do that weight in a fairly fatigued state, too. Let’s say I only get 10 rounds instead of 12? That would be 1,850 pounds and 52 total reps.

I think I need to do a test of this. I am supposed to take a rest day tomorrow and Friday, but I might give this a go in smaller intervals on Friday. Do 2 minutes with 135 and see how that feels. Take a decent break and then do 2 minutes at 185 and see how that feels. I’ll take that information and hopefully I am a later heat so I can see what others are doing, too, and adjust as needed. If lots of people are doing 95# and scoring 15 rounds that would be 1,425 and 75 reps. I don’t think I could get that many rounds no matter how light, but I can still beat their weight. If I see a lot of guys going 200+ then maybe I go lighter and try to do better in the reps portion of this WOD.

Too much for me to think about! Maybe I should just go with my gut and do 185 and lets the scores fall where they fall?

WOD 2 will be really difficult for myself, especially with the 15 minute time cap.
Buy in – 50 double unders, then 30-20-10 of box jumps (24), slam balls (40#) and front squat (95), then a cash out of 50 double unders

This will be all about pacing for myself. If I can get the DU unbroken to start I should have about 14 minutes to complete the rest of the WOD. I think 30 box jumps, somewhat fresh, will still take me 2 minutes or so. Probably my least favorite “CrossFit movement”. I have a hard time getting these 200 pounds up onto a box over and over and over again. If I say, worst case, it takes me 2 minutes, then I think I can do the slam balls in about 2 minutes, too. The unknown here is the 40# ball. I don’t do slam balls very often at all, much less 40# versions. This means I might have 5 minutes elapsed at this point. That’s worst case. I can do 15 or 20 front squats at 95# unbroken pretty easily….if I didn’t just do 30 box jumps and 30 slam balls. Maybe I break this into 2 sets of 15 and it takes me a little over a minute. 6 minutes down, 9 minutes to go. As I write this I am talking myself into believing I will finish this in less than 15 minutes. When I saw this WOD this morning my first thought was 20 minutes and then another member at my gym told me there was a 15 minute cap and I thought “Shit.”. If each successive round also takes me about 4 minutes to complete then I will have about 1 minute to get 50 double unders, which might be tough as I will be winded. But that round of 10 will not take me 4 minutes.

My guess (worst case):
1 minute to do double unders
1:45 box jumps
1:45 slam balls
1:00 front squats
1:15 box jumps
1:15 slam balls
0:45 front squats
0:30 box jumps
0:30 slam balls
0:30 front squat
1:30 double unders
== ~11 minutes total time.

I would take 11 minutes right now if given the choice.

2 min max rep pullup, 1 min rest, 2 min max rep deadlift (225), 1 min rest, 2 min max wall walk
Each pullup is 1 point, each DL is 2 points and each WW is 3 points.

No strategizing here – just go all out. If I had to guess I can get at least 50 pullups in 2 minutes. Good news is OPT always has C2B to chin over should be “easy”. The deadlift I will stink at, maybe 30 reps? If I do 5 every 15 seconds that would be 40. I might shoot for that. Wall walks….lord…Maybe 8 or 10? Let me say 60 pullups, 40 deadlifts and 8 wall walks, that would be 164 points. Who knows…?

With a 3 minute cap: row 40 calories and in the remaining time max rep wall ball.

I sort of tested the 40 cal row this morning to see what that might equate to in terms of meters. I know I can row all out about a 1:30 500m row. With a slow’ish warmup into a semi-intense row for a warmup this morning I did 40 calories in 1:46. I’m pretty sure I can get that in 1:40 with warming up beforehand which will leave me a solid 75 seconds to max rep my wall balls. I did 39 unbroken the other day (which I will not be able to do after rowing) and that took me just over a minute. So I will shoot for 40 wall balls. 4 sets of 10 with short breaks between each set.

All in all I am looking forward to 3 of the 4 WODs. That 30-20-10 WOD has me nervous. Should be a FUN day and I can’t wait. I will post my results next week.

2 comments on “My first comp this year…I need to put my thoughts on “paper”

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