Comp results

Boy oh boy do I think I am fitter than I really am! In nearly every event I did worse than I predicted I would do.

And I cannot sit down today. I fall down when attempting to sit in any chair. Falling onto the toilet is not fun. Going UP stairs is OK, going DOWN stairs sucks. My quads are lit up. Bending over to pick something off of the ground isn’t the best, either, but my hammy’s aren’t as sore as my quads.

I did do my walk yesterday, as programmed, but am not sure if it was a good idea at this point. I thought a light walk (albeit a little long) would be good to loosen up my muscles, but they are f-u-c-t this morning. No pain, just really sore. My walk yesterday was 1:50 for about 6.5 miles. From my house to the gym to run an Olympic lifting class.

Anyway, onto my results from Saturday.

WOD 1: AMRAP6 – one C&J (you pick weight) and four over the bar burpees

Last week I was thinking 12 rounds would be good. After I tested it on Friday morning (after I wrote my guess on Thursday) I thought I might be able to do one round every 25 seconds and that would put me at the 14-15 round range. When doing the testing I didn’t notice much of a difference between 135 and 185 so I was pretty sure I was going to use 185 – of course these were two tests that were only two minutes long, instead of six minutes.

The other factor in my decision on what weight to lift was what other athletes lifted. I thought that if a lot of them did 135 or less I would go lighter. In the first heat only two guys used anything over 135 and only one of those used 185. In the second heat the owner of my gym used 245 (!!) and one other guy had 185. In another heat I saw one guy use 205, but he seemed to move really slow. In the heats I saw it was definitely mostly 135 or 155 for the weight used.

I decided to go 195 just because 205 felt fairly easy in the warmup area and I thought the extra 10 pounds would help me in the overall weight lifted.

Through the first three minutes of the WOD I was right on pace as I was starting round eight as the clock read 3:00. Then it went downhill quickly. I started to not have any rest time. In the first few rounds after I completed my C&J and burpees I had a good five to seven seconds to rest before my next 25 second round began, but after the three minute mark the rest was gone. I started to fall behind. I wasn’t using my legs as effectively on the jerks, too. I was trying to power clean and go right into a jerk without locking out my knees and hips after completing the clean – this is how I do Grace to save time. The first few rounds were OK, but it was about the 5:30 mark, maybe a little before that and I was on round 12…and had zero leg push and failed on the “jerk” (almost a strict press). That took some wind out of my sails and I waited until about 10 seconds to go in the WOD and did it one more time to complete my 12th C&J and got one burpee under the time limit.

If I hadn’t failed that jerk I think I would have completed one more round and possibly one more C&J. Let’s say I do get one more C&J. That would have added another 195 pounds to my total and jumped me ahead 13 places in the standings for event 1A. If I had completed that extra C&J that means I would have scored another four reps in 1B, too, which would have translated into eight spots on the leaderboard.

Had my form been good throughout I probably would have shaved 21 points off of my score in event #1.

Floater: I did the floater about 45 minutes after WOD 1 and in looking back I think that was a good amount of rest time between the two events. I was pretty darn close on my prediction for this event. I thought I could do the rowing in about 1:30, and I did it in 1:29 and then get 40 wall balls and I actually got 35. Looking back at this event I don’t think I would have done anything better. I went all out for the three minutes. Maybe I could have got one more wall ball, but that is a stretch.

WOD 2: 50 DU buy-in then 30-20-10 of box jumps (24), slam balls (40) and front squat (95), then 50 DU cash out.

Definitely the WOD I was least looking forward to. In fact, it was the ONLY one I wasn’t looking forward to. When I first read it last week the first thought that came to mind was “20 minutes”. Then I found out there was a 15 minute cap. Then somehow I talked myself into actually thinking I could it completed in about 11 minutes. Then I saw some of the top guys struggle to get it done in under 12 minutes. Then I though “shit” again.

After I saw some of the guys who looked extremely fit struggle to complete in 12 or 13 minutes I got worried. And when they did complete they fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Shit.

My estimate went from 11 minutes to just trying to finish under the cap. And not be the last one in my heat.

I started off with 10 double-unders and then tripped on the rope. Not good, but I got the next 40 UB. I took it slow and steady on the box jumps, three sets of 10 for the slam balls and then the front squats were much – MUCH – harder than I expected. I wrote last week that I would go for two sets of 15 and I ended up doing two sets of seven, one set of six, I think, then blah blah. After the set of 30’s I was ahead of two guys in my heat and my sides were HURTING. By the time I got to the set of 20 front squat my legs were finished. When I completed my last set of 10 front squats I was dead. I had just over a minute to get 50 double-unders to beat the cap. I got one and stumbled. Tried to catch my breath a bit to make the DU’s count, instead of failing. Didn’t work. I had nothing left. I stumbled through to get nine total DU’s before the cap.

I have never spit inside a gym until this WOD. I was drooling like Dan Bailey and had to spit on the floor. Up until this time that act disgusted me, but it had to happen. I imagined this WOD being absolutely terrible and it was +1.

There isn’t anything I could have done better in this WOD, other than weighing less so jumping onto a 24 inch box isn’t so tough (and I have changed my plan of attack on my weight….more to come on that tomorrow).

WOD 3: 2 min max pullups, 1 min rest, 2 min max DL, 1 min rest, 2 min max wall walk

My initial prediction last week was 50 pullups, 30 DL and eight wall walks….but then I ultimately decided 60/40/8. WRONG!

I ended up with 44 pullups, 30 deadlifts (which at the time I thought was good) and eight wall walks. The disappointment here is that I was no-repped on three of my wall walks because the tip of my right pointer finger did not get past the line on the floor. The standard for these wall walks was much easier than a typical wall walk. At our gym I coach “nose and toes” meaning your nose and toes should touch the wall, control yourself on the way down to a pushup. In this event we had to get our hands behind a line which was maybe three feet from the wall? Maybe four? And then you could fall down if you wanted as long as your feet didn’t go outside two lines on either side of you. 11 wall walks in two minutes is really good for me and those nine points would have meant 14 points in the standings.

Not sure where I got the idea that 60 pullups and 40 deadlifts were possible. Not after the three events that led up to this one, anyway. I was happy with the pullups and deadlifts when I was done.

All in all I could have shaved about 35 points off of my score had I used good form in one event and just moved a half an inch further three times in another (or swung my hand sideways or made a fist or anything else to get that finger behind the line). 35 points less would have moved me from 48th place in the final standings to 35th. That almost puts me in the top half (68 competitors).

Last year I finished just inside the top half of the competitors, I think. I cannot find the results from last year online. Does this mean I am less fit than last year? I don’t think so. I think there were more competitors last year and I honestly think it was so tough last year that it scared some folks away and this year there was tougher competitor base. At least that is how I am making myself feel better.

I know I am fitter than last year. Just about a month ago I did Fran and shaved over a minute off of my PR. I finally back squatted 300# – a goal of mine for a long time now. I strung together eight chest-to-bar pullups the other day – a personal best. I can link numerous kipping HSPU together – something I couldn’t do a year ago. And speaking of something I couldn’t do a year ago – double-unders. Last year in the same comp I was praying for no DU’s and when they were part of the last WOD I was happy I was able to do a few of them. Now I can link them easily. I am definitely fitter than last year. It was a tough competition with some serious athletes competing.

It was a good time. A great way to spend a Saturday and I am sure I will do it again next year. Heck, in a few more years I will be a “Masters” competitor.

Oh, ya, and I am losing to a bunch of 20 year olds, that is worth noting, too, me thinks.

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