Why do people do this?

I am sort of a programming junky. I look at several websites daily just to see what was programmed. I think it becomes apparent very quickly which sites have a goal in mind and which ones just pick and choose what might be fun.

On many of these sites the site wants you to leave feedback because, hopefully, they are tracking athletes progress and deficiencies and either modifying programming in the near future to attack weaknesses or planning their next cycle to attack the weaknesses. Sometimes I am curious and I read the comments and this is what bugs me: why leave a comment about a workout you did that is totally unrelated to what was programmed on that site for that day? I can understand if you are a few days behind and you are too lazy to go back a few days on the interwebs to find the workout you just completed to post comments under that workout so it can be tracked easily – OK, maybe not, but sometimes people put completely random workouts into comments. Why? Are they looking for approval? Looking for someone to say “Hey! Look at that one brilliant workout! I have no idea what else that person might program, but based on that one workout let’s hire him/her to program for us!”?


Yesterday CrossFit.com they had a Fran challenge. Buried amongst the comments for Fran times were these two workouts:

weighted pull-up, 5RM: 30# (pr)
rest five minutes
weighted pull-up, 3RM: 40#
rest five minutes
weighted pull-up, 1RM: 50#

AMRAP in 7 minutes: burpees

Comment #29 – Posted by: Joe Northside m/36/5’10″/200 at November 4, 2014 6:33 AM


16 minute Amrap
20 pull ups
10 push press@70#
400 meter run
3 rounds
@Jim K. Nice pr

Comment #32 – Posted by: D.S. F 53/5’6/120 at November 4, 2014 7:16 AM


Zootown Crossfit

EMOM 8 @ 95#’s 8 sec hold at btm, 10 sec hold top

1000 m. row
53 KB @35#
4 min airdyne all out
53 WB 10#
1000 m. row

25 double KB swing
100 GHD sit ups
25 hip extensions
4 L sit holds

Great day
Comment #97 – Posted by: Jen T F/54/125#/5’6″ at November 4, 2014 4:38 PM

Why? Why post that stuff? I can only guess that they are trying to show off? No one else did those WODs so how would anyone else even know if those are good scores? I must go to Zootown CrossFit immediately! They look like they got their shit together!

….and I have to admit….the wind has been taken from my sails. I could have SWORE I saw more examples of this sort of activity on another website, but after spending at least the last 8 minutes looking around I cannot find another example.

I am posting this anyway. I am easily annoyed, or intrigued, and this intrigues/annoys me.


3 comments on “Why do people do this?

  1. HaleyComet says:

    Is posting your age, height, and weight a requirement too?! Wow. That seems extra douchey.

    • traviseses says:

      On many sites that is something a lot of folks do so those who program know what they are working with. A 22 year old male would perform better than a 52 year old male. So knowing who is following your programming is beneficial.

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