Sometimes you have to tape yourself

This was yesterday’s “auxiliary” work at 24 Hour Fitness. I was doing a 5×5 of pause squats – 5 second pause at the bottom. This is what I learned by watching:

  1. I count to “5” a lot faster under load than I should. These weren’t 5 second pause squats, more like 2.5 second pause squats.
  2. I can push more. I recall feeling like I really struggled with that 3rd rep at 225 and that’s why I didn’t attempt a 4th. If I was at my CrossFit gym I would have because I don’t mind dumping the weights, but didn’t want to dump at 24 Hour. I remember thinking that it took FOR-EVER to get from the bottom to the top of that 3rd rep, but in review it didn’t take much longer than the rest. I had more in the tank.
  3. And the most important item – I am not staying back on my heels (or even my mid-foot). On a few of those reps you can see a slight bit of daylight under my heels as I descend in the squat. I don’t mind the knee position and am SUPER happy with how upright my torso is and core stability, but I need to stay back a little more. I am also seeing some rotation onto the inside of my foot as I push up, too. I will work on both of these as I warm up going forward.

If I hadn’t recorded myself I would have thought my effort was on point and my squat was perfection.

….and that I can count 1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi, 3-Mississippi, etc under tension. Definitely can’t do that.

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