MBS Turkey Challenge

Time to put my thoughts and strategy on paper for the Turkey Challenge at MBS this weekend. I typically do this and hysterically overestimate my abilities. Let’s do that. I want to look back at this on Monday and wonder what the hell I was thinking…

10min AMRAP:
30 Snatch (75)
30 Snatch (95)
30 Snatch (125)
Max reps Snatch (145)

I think I can do 15 snatches unbroken at 75# really easily. I also think I can do all 15 in less than 30 seconds. I am going to attempt to do 15 in about 20 seconds, rest and then do the final 15 in about 1 minute. If I allow myself 30 seconds to transition weights (should be plenty of time) I will be on to the round of 95# after 90 seconds. At 95# I will drop back to 10 reps every 30 seconds, which means I will be transitioning to 125 at about the 3 minute mark. Add 30 seconds for transition and I am on 125# at 3:30. I will be a bit winded by now so I will shoot for 5 reps every 20 seconds at 125#. If I keep that pace I will be done with 125# at about the 5:30 mark, add 30 seconds for transition to 145# and I have 4 minutes to get as many reps as possible at 145.

At 145# with 4 minutes I should be able to get at least 30 reps. So my goal will be 125 reps.

Obstacle course

I have 5 minutes to complete an obstacle course. All I know is that there are 2 walls, 1 is 4 feet high and the other is 5 feet (and sloped?). There are some bails of hay to go over, a log to go under and I think a net to crawl under. There may or may not be a sled to push/pull. It may be down and back, may not be. In other words, I have no idea what to expect, except it will be freaking fun!

I think my 1st WOD is at 8:48 so I will be done with that by 9. I will give myself 20 minutes to full recover from the snatches and then hit the floater. If they have a spot open at 9:20 or 9:30 I am going to take it. It should be enough time to get my heart rate fully rested, but not too much time to stiffen up and need to re-warmup.

So, my goal is to go out and have a good time with it.

For Time: (12min cut off)
Row 250m
15 Burpees over rower
150m Shuttle**
Row 500m
30 Air Squats over the rower
150m Shuttle
Row 250m
15 Burpees over the rower
150m Shuttle

**Signifies the finish of workout 2A.

This is WOD counts as 2 – the 1st is a sprint and then the 2nd is the entire thing. I don’t think there is much to strategize here, either, just go all out. The only thing I will do is sort of pace myself on the rows. I will pull all out on the first 250m and try to post a good time for 2A, but then I will look for about a 1:40 pace pull on the 500m row and the 2nd 250m row.

Those are the WODs on Saturday. The 2 on Sunday are:

8min AMRAP:
8 Hand Release Push-ups
8 KB Swing (53)
12 PVC Jump Overs (20)

Not sure what to expect here. The pushups and KBS are in my wheel house, I can do those UB in that amount easily, over and over. The jump overs will wind me, though. I am going to just sort of pace myself at like 90% for the entire thing. Try not to get close to red-lining and just keep moving consistently for the entire 8 minutes. Maybe 5 or 10 seconds between movements as a way to pace. I am guessing that this will be my worst finish of the weekend.

For time: (5-min cap)
50 Odyssues non-spinning bar pull-ups
10 Front Squats (175)
Max reps spinning bar pull-ups in remaining time.
The bar spins on top of the pullup bar, making it hard to butterfly. Each pullup after the front squat deducts 1 second from time it took to complete the 50 pullups and 10 FS.

I am going to do sets of 10 pullups with about 10 seconds rest in between. If I can do 10 every 30 seconds that would put me on the FS at 2:30. I should be able to do all 10 UB at that weight assuming I can keep it racked. If that is the case I should have a solid minute or 2 to get as many pullups as I can with the bar spinning. I did get a chance to play around with the spinning bar last weekend and I am sure I could knock out 10 or 15 pullups on the spinning version in a minute.

I’m looking to complete the required work in less than 4 minutes and 15 pullups.

Now that I set my expectations entirely too high I will check back on Monday and see how bad I overestimated myself!

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