Turkey Challenge – my performance review

Last Friday I wrote my predictions and strategies for the MBS Turkey Challenge. This was my first two-day competition and it was a bunch of fun. And once again I completely and totally overestimated my abilities…

10min AMRAP:
30 Snatch (75)
30 Snatch (95)
30 Snatch (125)
Max reps Snatch (145)

Last week I figured I would get done with the 75# snatches in about 90 seconds, done with the round of 95# around the three minute mark and giving my best to 145# after about six minutes. I cannot emphasize this enough – I was wrong. So wrong. Like I suddenly thought I was Rich Froning or something. My goal was 125 total reps and I only got 81.

I am not exactly sure on my times, but I did go 15-15 on the 75# snatches. I did follow my strategy here as I stopped after 15 snatches even though I could have continued. The bar started empty and I had to take the 15# plates off to put on 25# plates so the transition took a bit longer, but I think I was starting my round of 30 snatches at 95# around the two minute mark. As I started in at 95# I got through nine reps and my grip was suddenly failing. It was hurting. I kept mixing in hook grip and I had to control the bar down to my waist before letting go. That little bit of extra effort cost me my grip a bit, too. I am not sure when I moved on to 125#, but when I did I knew it would be hard to get to 145#. I was gassed. I always forget to calculate in how much work I have already done leading up to sections of workouts when I look forward. At this point the 60 snatches prior to 125 made 125 feel a lot heavier. I pushed for the last few reps to get to 81 and when I was done I was happy with that score.

My goal all weekend was to finish in the top 75% of the competitors in my division. I am 37 and competing with quite a few guys who are in their 20’s….plus….I bet none of them weighed 300 pounds just a few years ago. Anyway, in this event I finished 21st out of 48 competitors. Well within my goal.

Obstacle course

My goal for this WOD on Friday was to have fun. I wanted to leave myself enough time to recover after the snatches, but not so much that I had to loosen up again. I think I ended up on the course about 30 minutes after the snatch WOD was complete. I thought I had recovered but by the time I hit the half way of the course (it was a down and back) I could feel my hips. I ended up struggling a bit with the last bit of the course and huffed and puffed to the finish line in 1:20. This was good enough for 39th place out of 48 guys. Just a bit outside my overall goal.

For Time: (12min cut off)
Row 250m
15 Burpees over rower
150m Shuttle**
Row 500m
30 Air Squats over the rower
150m Shuttle
Row 250m
15 Burpees over the rower
150m Shuttle

**Signifies the finish of workout 2A.

I sort of got screwed on this event. I wasn’t going to try to win 2A, but rather just pace the whole thing and try to do good. I knew it would suck after watching two of the heats before mine. However, I came off of the rower first after the first 250m so I went all out and tried to win 2A. I gassed myself and struggled to finish the entire thing. Read a bit more about what happened here – in the end I did finish 2A first, and was rewarded nothing, and struggled to finish the entire thing. I think I finished in about 11:20. The one pacing goal I had was to row around 1:40 pace on all of the rows. I know the first 250m I was sub 1:35, on the 500m row I was about 1:45 and on the final 250m row I was over 1:50. I was winded. It hurt.

Unfortunately the screw up on 2A really FUBAR’d the scoring on the website and as of this writing (Monday around noon) the scores are still not showing for my division – and my division only – for the second WOD. I have no idea where I finished. I am sure it is close to last, but I think I beat one guy in my heat – maybe 2. I wish 2A had counted because that would have helped a bunch. Right now the score sheet shows me last, but it shows a score of 0:00 for everyone and it looks like it is in alphabetical order. So, who knows where I finished…I’m sure it was outside the top 36 I was looking for.

8min AMRAP:
8 Hand Release Push-ups
8 KB Swing (53)
12 PVC Jump Overs (20)

Re-reading my guess/prediction/strategy for this event is pretty much what I did. I didn’t redline, the stick jumps whooped me and the hand-release pushups and KB swings were easy. I was first through the pushups in round one and got immediately no-repped twice on my KBS as the KB was titled forward slightly, rather than straight up in the air (that’s how I do them for safety reasons). Another example of fair judging, something I mentioned yesterday. The guy next to me killed the stick jumps and was on the pushups when I got there, but pushups are one of my best movements and I nearly caught up to him. KB swings are easily in my top five favorite movements so even though he was ahead after my no-reps and stick jumps I got back to the stick before he did. He passed me once again, but each time I would catch up on the pushups and KBS. By the time the eight minutes was up I was ahead of both guys next to me thanks to the pushups and KBS.

It was hard to tell, but I figured only one or two guys beat me in my heat. I didn’t rush between movements and went unbroken in all the pushups and KBS and paced the stick jumps, at times into groups of 4 or 5. When all the scores were posted I finished in 30th place overall – well inside my goal of 36th or higher.

For time: (5-min cap)
50 Odyssues non-spinning bar pull-ups
10 Front Squats (175)
Max reps spinning bar pull-ups in remaining time.

This WOD was modified by the time we got to it. After the lady was sent to the hospital thanks to the spinning bar no other group had the option of a spinning bar the rest of the day. This was changed to 50 pullups and 10 front squats for time. No additional pullups.

My goal was 10 reps at a time with 10 seconds rest. That lasted about…never. After the first 10 pullups it felt good so I kept going until I got to 16. Then I didn’t rest 10 seconds, just a few, and got nine more reps. Then I started to break them up more. I am not exactly sure when I finished with the pullups. I know the guy next to me was off the bar really early (later found out he did all 50 unbroken), but when I came off of the bar he was still working on his front squat (found out later he did nine unbroken to start and then struggled to get his 10th – couldn’t clean it). I broke my front squats into three sets, unfortunately. The first time I cleaned the weight my forearms almost cramped after the pullups. Then the second set I almost dumped the weight because I lost my right hand. In the end I almost caught the guy who went UB on his pullups and I finished in 3:12, good for seventh or eighth in my heat of 12. I stuck around to watch the other heats and when it was all done I finished this last WOD in 31st place. Again, inside my overall goal.

In the end I finished in 21st, 39th, unknown, 30th and 31st place. I will call that a successful weekend. In a few more years maybe I can take a stab at winning some of the masters divisions?

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