Why do people do this?

I am sort of a programming junky. I look at several websites daily just to see what was programmed. I think it becomes apparent very quickly which sites have a goal in mind and which ones just pick and choose what might be fun.

On many of these sites the site wants you to leave feedback because, hopefully, they are tracking athletes progress and deficiencies and either modifying programming in the near future to attack weaknesses or planning their next cycle to attack the weaknesses. Sometimes I am curious and I read the comments and this is what bugs me: why leave a comment about a workout you did that is totally unrelated to what was programmed on that site for that day? I can understand if you are a few days behind and you are too lazy to go back a few days on the interwebs to find the workout you just completed to post comments under that workout so it can be tracked easily – OK, maybe not, but sometimes people put completely random workouts into comments. Why? Are they looking for approval? Looking for someone to say “Hey! Look at that one brilliant workout! I have no idea what else that person might program, but based on that one workout let’s hire him/her to program for us!”?


Yesterday CrossFit.com they had a Fran challenge. Buried amongst the comments for Fran times were these two workouts:

weighted pull-up, 5RM: 30# (pr)
rest five minutes
weighted pull-up, 3RM: 40#
rest five minutes
weighted pull-up, 1RM: 50#

AMRAP in 7 minutes: burpees

Comment #29 – Posted by: Joe Northside m/36/5’10″/200 at November 4, 2014 6:33 AM


16 minute Amrap
20 pull ups
10 push press@70#
400 meter run
3 rounds
@Jim K. Nice pr

Comment #32 – Posted by: D.S. F 53/5’6/120 at November 4, 2014 7:16 AM


Zootown Crossfit

EMOM 8 @ 95#’s 8 sec hold at btm, 10 sec hold top

1000 m. row
53 KB @35#
4 min airdyne all out
53 WB 10#
1000 m. row

25 double KB swing
100 GHD sit ups
25 hip extensions
4 L sit holds

Great day
Comment #97 – Posted by: Jen T F/54/125#/5’6″ at November 4, 2014 4:38 PM

Why? Why post that stuff? I can only guess that they are trying to show off? No one else did those WODs so how would anyone else even know if those are good scores? I must go to Zootown CrossFit immediately! They look like they got their shit together!

….and I have to admit….the wind has been taken from my sails. I could have SWORE I saw more examples of this sort of activity on another website, but after spending at least the last 8 minutes looking around I cannot find another example.

I am posting this anyway. I am easily annoyed, or intrigued, and this intrigues/annoys me.

What is in a McRib?

First, let me say that I am somewhat impressed by the McDonald’s marketing team for putting out these videos. We all know that McD’s takes it pretty hard for the quality of their food – and from folks like myself I even question if it is food. So when McDonald’s puts out a video like this, I am certainly curious:

This is great and honestly I figured the McRib was some sort of cyborg-food: pork that was once pork but has since morphed into some sort of frozen pork like substance. The fact that this is just pork with sugar added, essentially, is somewhat impressive. Of course, I don’t want the sugar, either.

But let’s not forget that the “McRib Pork Patty”, as it is referred to on the McDonald’s ingredient list, is not the only item on the sandwich. Continue reading

Making a quiche using whatever I have in the kitchen

Cooking for the week does take planning, or at least it makes life a lot easier. However, sometimes you have to make something and just use whatever you have in the house. Tonight I made a quiche using vegetables I had laying around the kitchen for my breakfast for the week. Eating clean definitely takes work and it takes planning. You don’t want to get caught at work with no lunch and before you know it you’re starving and in the cube next to you there is leftover Halloween candy – you’re stuck. Or you get in a rush at work and run to McDonald’s to eat because you need something fast. Plan ahead, prep and put in the effort. If you can put in a few hours of effort at the gym every week you can put in a few hours of effort in the kitchen on the weekend so you don’t waste that gym time with shit food.

Here is what I made tonight and it only took me about 30 minutes to make.

My wife always keeps these sausages in the house. They are super clean and really tasty. When she sees them on sale at Sprouts she buys almost all of the packages they have and we freeze them.


Here are the ingredients. No soy, no nitrates and no sugar. Just food.


We had dinner shortly before I started cooking and I used the same skillet my wife used to make some steak and gravy (all Paleo, of course). I didn’t bother cleaning it because the gravy was soooo good I might as well reuse some of those flavors. I cook the sausage just long enough to get a slight bit of crisp on them. I was going to cook the entire thing in the oven anyway, so if they didn’t cook fully they would in the oven in a bit.



Here are the vegetables we had left in the house (wife is shopping as I write this). A full pack of mushrooms, left over olives from this morning, some peas, nearly a full onion and half of a green pepper. All of those were chopped up and set aside for when the sausage was finished cooking.



When the sausage was done I pulled it out of the pan. The sausage was sticking ever so slightly to the pan so I added a bit of olive oil to the pan to grease it up and ensure the quiche didn’t stick (and it helps sautee the veggies).



Another dish leftover from dinner. Instead of potatoes with the steak and gravy my wife “mashed” cauliflower. I reused the bowl she used to prep the cauliflower. Hey, a little cauliflower never hurt anyone, right? besides, why get another dish dirty? I’m lazy and I like to conserve water when possible. We only have 11 eggs left, so they were all mine. I put them in the bowl and whisked them until they were broken up really well. I want them to evenly pour over the veggies in the pan.



Before I put thee eggs in the pan I chopped up the sausage and put it back in the pan and mixed them together with the veggies. I let all of that cook for about 3-5 minutes, mixing once or twice, before pouring the eggs over the mixture.



Here is what it looked like after the eggs were poured into the pan. And, by the way, I had preheated the oven to 450. That way I can take the pan right off of the oven top and put it into the oven.



When the eggs were starting to brown on top I pulled them out of the oven. I cooked it at 450 degrees for about 16 or 17 minutes. I checked it frequently as I don’t want it to burn, but I definitely want it to brown on top. This ensures the egg is cooked all the way through.



Here is the quiche in Tupperware containers and ready for the fridge. I will take these along with a guacamole cup Monday thru Thursday this week. On Friday we will have other leftovers that I can take for breakfast. For lunch this week I am going to make it simple and take a big salad mixture everyday along with some clean brat/sausage links we found at Costco. I will cook those on the grill tomorrow evening.



Prepping for the week is easy, as long as you plan. And if you plan you will not fail, but if you fail to plan…you will…or whatever. Damn, I just butchered the crap out of that saying, didn’t I?