2014 CrossFit/exercise videos in review

Here are my favorite videos from 2014 related to exercising or CrossFit (mostly CrossFit).

…and a few golf videos. Hey, I like to golf! Be warned, I like to watch CrossFit videos so this COULD slow down your browser as all of them load.

First up is our humor category
Any of the Danny Broflex videos for sure. Here is the first one, you can find the rest yourself

Video from a local gym here in Denver with one of my original CrossFit coaches, Leo

This had me chuckling

Best inspirational video
Hands down was Barbell Shrugs video leading up to the 2014 CrossFit Open

Freaky strength videos
Non-Klokov or Sam Dancer winner

Sam Dancer winners

Klokov winners (I could pretty much post all of his…)
This is stupid:

And so is this:

And this…

…OK, that wasn’t 2014, but, DAMN!
and finally:

Biggest bunch of technicality crap video/stupidest argument in 2014

Best miniature golf video (it’s a sport! Right?)

Best regular golf video

Favorite smoking hot girl in very little clothing doing work

Stacie Tovar and Emily Bridgers in one video? Yes, please.

Anything with Brooke Ence should make this list:


Best warmup I stole and used in class

I really enjoyed Lucas Parker’s “Road to the Games” series this year. My favorite of the bunch was his outdoor video. You can find the rest on Youtube.

One of the few videos from The GRID League that I really liked

Best/funniest break down of a snatch

Here’s to more great videos and time wasting at work in 2015!

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