How far has CrossFit come?

This video is amazing…amazing in that it shows how far CrossFit has come in just four years. Not only are the athletes struggling – STRUGGLING – with muscle-ups and what is considered a light snatch these days, but the announcers are even struggling calling the “squat snatch” a “squat clean”.

The muscle-up technique is terrible and I am sure all of these girls can complete Amanda in much less time today simply because they can “squat snatch” (I hate that term because it just a snatch…if I tell you to “snatch” I expect a squat) so much better and link together muscle-ups easily. In fact, here is Camille doing Amanda at the men’s weight just a month ago or so.

And watch the whole thing to watch Jason Khalipa just look awful snatching 135 pounds.

2 comments on “How far has CrossFit come?

  1. AntosDoesLife says:

    This is AMAZING! The difference in 4 years is absolutely astonishing. As someone who is less than 1 year into Crossfit I never really watched footage from prior years, let alone 4 years ago. Their improvement and their body compositions are totally transformed!

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