15.1 and 15.1a

Did it last night and got 151 reps and clean and jerked 235. The best news of the day yesterday was that I PR’d my C&J during warm up at 240. I nearly had the clean at 240 during 15.1a…we had a lot of PR’s in 15.1a at my gym. Thought that was pretty awesome.

What concerns me is I wonder how many people will redo the workout and take the better of the two parts and combine to make one super score? I know the big names know better, but how many individuals in boxes around the world know the rules?

I would like to try the WOD again because I’m sure I would do better than 151 reps, but could I C&J 235 again? It was pretty rough the first time. What if I score 160 reps and then only C&J 225? How many people would enter a score of 160 and 235? I know there will be some – probably a lot.

I thought the workout was awesome, just hope everyone stays honest when they input their scores.

Past Open Events Review

I’m sure someone else has done this to death, but I am going to do this anyway. I was going to write it down, so why not do it on my blog and maybe someone else can enjoy?

Are there any trends over the years? If the point of CrossFit is to get fitter, then we should be re-doing events every year, or at least every other year to see if we are, in fact, getting fitter. What is the chance that 15.1 is a repeat of past years to test your fitness?


  • 11.1: AMRAP10 of 30 double-unders and 15 snatches (75/55)
  • 11.2: AMRAP15 of 9 deadlifts (155/100), 12 pushup, 15 box jumps (24/20)
  • 11.3: AMRAP5 of squat clean and jerk (165/110)
  • 11.4: AMRAP10 of 60 bar facing burpees, 30 overhead squats (120/90) and 10 muscle-ups
  • 11.5: AMRAP20 of 5 power cleans (145/110), 10 toes-to-bar, 15 wall ball (20/14 to 10/9 foot target)
  • 11.6: AMRAP7 of 3 thruster (100/65), 3 chest-to-bar pullups, 6 thruster, 6 C2B, 9 and 9, etc


  • 12.1: AMRAP7 of burpees to 6 inch target
  • 12.2: AMRAP10 of 30 snatches (75/45), 30 snatches (135/75), 30 snatches (165/100), AMRAP snatch (210/120)
  • 12.3: AMRAP18 of 15 box jump (24/20), 12 push press (115/75) and 9 toes-to-bar
  • 12.4: AMRAP12 of 150 wall ball (20/14 to 10/9 target), 90 double-unders and 30 muscle-ups
  • 12.5: REPEAT of 11.6


  • 13.1: AMRAP17 of 40 burpees (to 6 inch target), 30 snatches (75/45), 30 burpees, 30 snatches (135/75), 20 burpees, 30 snatches (165/100), 10 burpees, AMRAP snatches (210/120) – sort of a mixture of 12.1 and 12.2. Not a repeat that you could compare and test your improved fitness.
  • 13.2: AMRAP10 of 5 shoulder to overhead (115/75), 10 deadlift (115/75) and 15 box jump (24/20)
  • 13.3: REPEAT of 12.4
  • 13.4: AMRAP7 of 3 clean and jerk (135/75), 3 toes-to-bar, 6 C&J, 6 T2B, 9 and 9, etc
  • 13.5: AMRAP4 of 15 thrusters (100/65) and 15 chest-to-bar pullups – if three rounds are completed, extend the time to 8 minutes and if nine rounds are completed, extend to 12 minutes, etc


  • 14.1: REPEAT of 11.1
  • 14.2: From 0-3min, 2 rounds of 10 overhead squat (95/65), 10 chest-to-bar pullup – if 2 rounds are completed, then from 3-6min 2 rounds of 12 OHS and 12 C2B, if completed then from 9-12min 14/14, etc
  • 14.3: AMRAP8 of 10 deadlift (135/95), 15 box jump (24/20), 15 deadlift (185/135), 15 BJ, 20 deadlift (225/155), 15 BJ, 25 DL (275/185), 15 BJ, 30 DL (315/205), 15 BJ, 35 DL (365/225), 15 BJ
  • 14.4: AMRAP14 of 60 cal row, 50 toes-to-bar, 40 wall ball (20/14 to a 10/9 target), 30 clean and jerk (135/95) and 20 muscle-ups
  • 14.5: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of thrusters (95/65) and bar facing burpees

Every year there is a repeat. What will the repeat be this year? Every year there has been a repeat, but it isn’t always the first WOD, or second or third – it is random (seemingly).

In 2012 there was a repeat from 2011. In 2013 there was a repeat from 2012. And in 2014 there was a repeat from 2013….errr…nope….2011. The repeat hasn’t necessarily been from the previous year.

I thought this last year and I will say it again this year, I think the first WOD will be a repeat of 12.1 – 7 minutes of burpees. That was so awful that I think Dave Castro would love to see everyone do it again. Could you imagine watching Rich Froning and Mat Fraser do 7 minutes of burpees? BORING. That would be the genius of it, however. Everyone will expect something heavy with these two going head-to-head and Castro could throw the CrossFit world on its head by doing a basic body weight movement.

What do you think 15.1 will be? Will it be a repeat? Will we repeat a WOD in 2015? If so, which one? Your pick doesn’t have to be for 15.1. Maybe we repeat 14.2 sometime this year. 14.2 was pretty awful and frustrating.

Getting excited for the Open!

Yesterday CrossFit released the athletes that will be going head-to-head in the Open workouts this year. And it literally gave me butterflies. I immediately got excited to watch these athletes go mano y mano. And then it also set in immediately that the first Open workout is less than a few weeks away. The nerves before doing an Open workout are like no other for me. The competitions I have done are close, but doing an Open workout is on a level above.

And now that they have released who is competing against each other every Thursday night for five weeks beginning on February 26th, I have to make predictions. That’s what I like to do. Who knows what the WOD’s will be and the WOD’s will certainly play a factor. In the final week if the WOD is heavy it would change my pick, but typically Open WOD’s are not heavy. Then again, this is the first year with a scaled division so it is possible that the RX division gets heavy in 2015.

15.1, February 26th, Mat Fraser against The Champ, Rich Froning.

I think I have said a few times on this blog that I think Fraser will win the 2015 CrossFit Games. Froning is not competing as an individual anymore and that opens up a spot for someone to take and I think Fraser is that man. Has Froning’s training declined at all this year since he isn’t competing as an individual? I believe I read somewhere that he thinks his team from CrossFit Mayhem is a year away from competing in the Games, did he take a few rest days for the first time in four or five years? Only one workout a day? Spent more time with his new daughter?

We know Fraser has been training – he just won the East Coast Championships in convincing fashion.

Even with all of that being said, how can you not pick the Champ to win? Gotta pick Froning. This sets up well for Froning. This is sort of a “even though I am not competing, I am still the best” opportunity for him. Many think Fraser will win the Games….but if he loses this event to Froning and wins the 2015 CrossFit Games will people always say “Ya, Fraser won….but if Froning had competed…”?

15.2, March 5th, Michele Letendre vs Emily Bridgers Continue reading

CLB is now in the South West region

Remember last year when Andrea Ager had all the pub as she switch from the Southern California region to the South West? No? Let me remind you – video 1 and then an extended version. There were other articles about the switch and as you can tell in the interview there was a sense that it would be easier for Ager to get to the CrossFit Games by moving to Colorado than it would be to stay in SoCal. She deftly redirects the questions when asked, but one can’t help but think it might have played into her decision a little bit.

Then the 2014 Regionals rolled around and she finished fifth. And it wasn’t really that close as she finished 25 points behind third place.

2015 will be no different. This time it isn’t a CrossFit Games hopeful moving to Colorado, it is the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth – Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet (to be referred to as “CLB” going forward in this post). New “super region” in 2015 and new super competitor in 2015.

What does this mean for the three ladies who qualified for the CrossFit Games from the South West region in 2015? The top five from last year was Amanda Goodman, Tiffany Hendrickson, Mandi Janowitz, Emmalee Teribery (now Emmalee Moore) and Ager will not only compete with the top contenders from the South Central and Latin America regions, but also CLB. The top five ladies from this new “super region” will qualify for the CrossFit Games.

These were the qualifiers from each region in 2014:
South West: Goodman, Hendrickson and Janowitz
South Central: Jenn Jones, Cassidy Lance and Amanda Schwartz
Latin America: Wanda Brenton

Thanks to this article on games.crossfit.com we already know that in this new “super region” that Brenton and Janowitz would have been the two ladies to not make the cut once the regions were combined and top five ladies given a ticket. Where does CLB fit into these ladies score? Here is how the top five scored in each event in 2014 from the new “super region” along with CLB’s score. The number in the paranthesis is where they finished in their old region with that score – to give some context. Continue reading

At least find some people who squat with good form…

28 day squat challenge!! For those too lazy to squat all the time.

OK, whatever, it gets people off their ass, right? But look at the form in this picture…

None of them are to parallel, guy on the right has a bad case of the valgus knee syndrome, girl on the left thinks she is doing some sort of sumo deadlift. Prison squats are great, just do them right.

That’s what has caught my eye during the Super Bowl.