15.1 and 15.1a

Did it last night and got 151 reps and clean and jerked 235. The best news of the day yesterday was that I PR’d my C&J during warm up at 240. I nearly had the clean at 240 during 15.1a…we had a lot of PR’s in 15.1a at my gym. Thought that was pretty awesome.

What concerns me is I wonder how many people will redo the workout and take the better of the two parts and combine to make one super score? I know the big names know better, but how many individuals in boxes around the world know the rules?

I would like to try the WOD again because I’m sure I would do better than 151 reps, but could I C&J 235 again? It was pretty rough the first time. What if I score 160 reps and then only C&J 225? How many people would enter a score of 160 and 235? I know there will be some – probably a lot.

I thought the workout was awesome, just hope everyone stays honest when they input their scores.

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