Val Voboril gets preferrential treatment?

It is stated several times – if you don’t post a score prior to 6pm Pacific Time on Monday then you do not get a score. No questions, no excuses, nothing – no score.

As I understand it, an athlete can enter a score prior to 6pm PT and the affiliate owner (or whoever needs to approve the score) can approve it within a certain window after 6pm PT. I am not certain how long that window lasts.

I know at our box in the first week we had an athlete submit their score prior to 6pm PT and when I checked the leaderboard later that night they had a “–” for their score. The next morning? Same thing. The owner of our box just hadn’t approved it yet and when she did the athletes score was there and counted.

So, with that being said, I don’t know how long someone can have a score of “–” due to the person who needs to approve hasn’t approved before that “–” sticks and they don’t get a score. Maybe it is several days?

On Tuesday I took a screenshot of Val Voboril’s score:

voborilI checked it again yesterday. I am not sure when I checked it, but it was sometime on Wednesday prior to around 3pm. A solid 36 hours after, and nearly 48 hours after the deadline passed for when scores had to be submitted and she still didn’t have a score. I was anxiously awaiting the update show on the Games website to see if they would inform us why Voboril didn’t post a score. She must be hurt, right?

That didn’t line up because before the Monday deadline she did post on her Instagram asking people to guess her score for a chance to win something.

So she did complete the workout, so why wasn’t there a score?

Then, late last night she posted this on her Instagram.

This morning I check the leaderboard and there she is sitting in 14th place in the SoCal Region:

valAnyone know the rules for this? Every so often I read disgruntled posts on Twitter, Instagram or other places on the internet that CrossFit HQ gives preferential treatment to those close to HQ. I am not saying that Voboril was given a reprieve from the deadline everyone else has to adhere to, but it feels fishy. Maybe the approval process has 48 hours after the deadline? Or was Voboril given an exception when it is explicitly stated that there will be no exceptions?

15.4 puts judging to the test

First, where is Val Voboril’s 15.4 score?! As I am writing this sentence it shows her with a no entry for 15.4.

voborilI hope there is a technicality of some sort because I love to root for her at the Games. I think she was second in the SoCal Region prior to this event trailing only Lauren Fisher.

OK, now that that is out of the way, on to the judging of 15.4. We all know that the quality of judging differs from one box to the next. From one judge to the next. From one coach to the next. Whether we are judging depth on overhead squats or whether or not the t-shirt touched the bar in a chest-to-bar pullup or if the chest itself actually touched, judging varies. With that being said, I think 15.4 put those varying standards to a real test.

I myself, even at my own box, felt I may have been judged a bit harder than others. First, I will say that I have a bum left shoulder. When I performed 15.4 on Friday I tried to shoulder press a 50 pound dumbbell with my right arm – no problem – light weight, but then I tried with my left and it was a real struggle. I did mobility, took my time and it sort of loosened up. I was able to do a handstand against the wall and was able to do a kipping pushup. I couldn’t do a strict handstand pushup, but I could kip. Shoulder wasn’t right, that’s for sure. I went on anyway.

My initial measurement for the line in which my heels needed to cross for the HSPU to count was deemed too low and I was re-measured. Even after the new measurement when I was testing my shoulder I was told my heels were well over the line. I didn’t get a picture or verify myself, took the word of the guys looking. Then, during the workout there were times in which I got into a full handstand, with my hands closer together than my usual HSPU and even my UPPER back touching the wall – no rep. I would get fully extended and then extend my scapula even more, hold it for a few seconds, push….PUSH even more and then come off the wall only to find it was a no-rep. I seriously wondered how getting over the line was even possible. Continue reading

“Professional” exercisers, huh?

What’s with all the “professional exercisers” tearing in 15.2? What other sport, as a professional, would someone intentionally leave off a piece of equipment that could help them from getting injured? In baseball if you swing a bat over and over you could get some nasty blisters – so baseball players wear gloves. Same thing in golf. In basketball the hi top was invented to help prevent twisted ankles. Shoulder pads in football. Shin guards in soccer. Why not protect your hands in a workout with a high volume of pullups?

A sign of pride or toughness? Nah. It’s dumb. It’s preventable. I taped up and I only got 129 reps (58 pullups). But, you know what? I could wash my hands after the workout and not scream in agonizing pain.

I wear knee sleeves to help protect my knees. I have lifting shoes to help when squatting. And I rarely use things like wrist wraps and a host of other accessories that can be used when doing CrossFit, but I sure as hell taped. Why would all these professional CrossFitters who get paid to endorse things NOT tape up or use some sort of gymnastic wrap?

Beware, hand gore coming Continue reading

Leaderboard observations after 15.1/15.a

Things I noticed while doing entirely too much “leaderboarding” during the first weekend of the Open.

  • Rich Froning and Mat Fraser both re-did 15.1/15.1a. I found that interesting. I asked Lindsey Valenzuela yesterday on Twitter what percentage of top CrossFit athletes re-did 15.1/15.1a and she put the percentage at 70-80%. I think it might have actually been higher. Who do you think did NOT re-do? I would guess Valenzuela and Val Voboril off the top of my head. Anyone else jump out that you think didn’t re-do?

  • Ouch – Sam Briggs! She did post an Instagram yesterday stating she hurt herself and that might have impacted her C&J (185), but she did not say what she hurt. She did say she is pressing on in the Open. She will be fine, she did get two hundred and fifty freaking one reps on 15.1. There is a lot of working out left to do to qualify for Regionals and she will make it.
  • I didn’t care if people “gamed” the first WOD to score really high on the second. If CrossFit HQ didn’t want folks doing that they should have explicitly written the rules to say they couldn’t do that. Not sure how that could be written, but I am sure they have a lawyer on staff who could have figured it out. From the looks of it they only removed those who had very, very few reps in 15.1 (like 1 rep). On the men’s side there is one guys (Tom Sroka – well known Olympic weightlifter) who scored 30 reps on 15.1 and 405 pounds on 15.1a. Another guy with only 66 reps on 15.1 and a few more in the top 15 or so in 15.1a with 90 reps or less on 15.1. Seems like if you finished your third round and then stopped to do 15.1a that is just as bad as only doing 1 rep on 15.1. You gamed it either way.
  • Who in the hell is Michelle Spinnato? She clean and jerked 363 pounds to beat the next closest woman by 98 pounds? That has to be incorrect, right? I Googled her name and apparently she is in Australia, but nothing else really came up. You would think there would be links to her with associated with Olympic lifting or something if she really did 363 pounds. At that weight she is only off by 50 pounds of the World Record. To give context, the best men’s 15.1a is 180 pounds off of the World Record. I have to think her score is removed.

Going Region by Region (those I care about): Continue reading