“Professional” exercisers, huh?

What’s with all the “professional exercisers” tearing in 15.2? What other sport, as a professional, would someone intentionally leave off a piece of equipment that could help them from getting injured? In baseball if you swing a bat over and over you could get some nasty blisters – so baseball players wear gloves. Same thing in golf. In basketball the hi top was invented to help prevent twisted ankles. Shoulder pads in football. Shin guards in soccer. Why not protect your hands in a workout with a high volume of pullups?

A sign of pride or toughness? Nah. It’s dumb. It’s preventable. I taped up and I only got 129 reps (58 pullups). But, you know what? I could wash my hands after the workout and not scream in agonizing pain.

I wear knee sleeves to help protect my knees. I have lifting shoes to help when squatting. And I rarely use things like wrist wraps and a host of other accessories that can be used when doing CrossFit, but I sure as hell taped. Why would all these professional CrossFitters who get paid to endorse things NOT tape up or use some sort of gymnastic wrap?

Beware, hand gore coming

Exhibit A: Chris Spealler, he of CrossFit Royalty, seven time Games competitor….doesn’t know to tape?

Exhibit B: Sam Briggs, maybe she was just too worried about actually competing in 2015 (she had some sort of surgery last week) that she forgot to tape?

Exhibit C: Maddy Myers. Her excuse? She IS only 18. It has been scientifically proven that the frontal lobe of your brain does not develop until your mid-twenties. This part of your brain helps understand long term consequences. So, maybe Myers just couldn’t mentally understand what happens if you tear and how it may impact her training for the next few days.

Exhibit D: Val Voboril, proud mother and school teacher…someone should teach her how to tape.

This is sort of light hearted because all of these athletes should know better. Even at my local gym, after the toes-to-bar last week and a few tears most folks taped. Some folks are too macho, F that. If I can avoid a painful shower I will definitely do so.

Now, not all big time CrossFitters showed pictures of them tearing, Danielle Sidell and Sam Dancer each are obviously sponsored by Natural Grip and made sure the Instagram world knows that they didn’t team because of it. I also saw Noah Olsen didn’t tear and I believe Kara Webb didn’t either – and they both got over 410 reps!!


Exhibit F: Adrian Conway tears and intimates that the bloody hands cost him reps. TAPE IT UP! Can you imagine Troy Tulowitzki taking a few days off because he got blisters on his hand because he refused to wear batting gloves? I’m guessing all of the athletes listed here that tore take incredible steps to ensure their body is properly fueled to ensure recovery and improvement so they can workout more….but they won’t put some tape on their hands.


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