Val Voboril gets preferrential treatment?

It is stated several times – if you don’t post a score prior to 6pm Pacific Time on Monday then you do not get a score. No questions, no excuses, nothing – no score.

As I understand it, an athlete can enter a score prior to 6pm PT and the affiliate owner (or whoever needs to approve the score) can approve it within a certain window after 6pm PT. I am not certain how long that window lasts.

I know at our box in the first week we had an athlete submit their score prior to 6pm PT and when I checked the leaderboard later that night they had a “–” for their score. The next morning? Same thing. The owner of our box just hadn’t approved it yet and when she did the athletes score was there and counted.

So, with that being said, I don’t know how long someone can have a score of “–” due to the person who needs to approve hasn’t approved before that “–” sticks and they don’t get a score. Maybe it is several days?

On Tuesday I took a screenshot of Val Voboril’s score:

voborilI checked it again yesterday. I am not sure when I checked it, but it was sometime on Wednesday prior to around 3pm. A solid 36 hours after, and nearly 48 hours after the deadline passed for when scores had to be submitted and she still didn’t have a score. I was anxiously awaiting the update show on the Games website to see if they would inform us why Voboril didn’t post a score. She must be hurt, right?

That didn’t line up because before the Monday deadline she did post on her Instagram asking people to guess her score for a chance to win something.

So she did complete the workout, so why wasn’t there a score?

Then, late last night she posted this on her Instagram.

This morning I check the leaderboard and there she is sitting in 14th place in the SoCal Region:

valAnyone know the rules for this? Every so often I read disgruntled posts on Twitter, Instagram or other places on the internet that CrossFit HQ gives preferential treatment to those close to HQ. I am not saying that Voboril was given a reprieve from the deadline everyone else has to adhere to, but it feels fishy. Maybe the approval process has 48 hours after the deadline? Or was Voboril given an exception when it is explicitly stated that there will be no exceptions?


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