First two Regional WODs announced

The CrossFit geek in me is excited! This means that I am excited since I am a CrossFit geek! The first two Regional WODs were announced yesterday.


I did Randy when I was in Seattle visiting a box about two years ago. I think it was around two years ago. I feel like I finished it in about five minutes. I don’t have the exact time with me, but I feel like five minutes feels about right. I think if I did it today I could do it in under five minutes if my grip holds up. This means the best in the world will get it finished in about 90 seconds? One rep per second? Do they do it unbroken? It is the first event of the weekend and it is definitely a sprint so I expect to see quite a few guys/girls do it unbroken. Once their hands grip the bar they won’t let go until 75 reps are completed.

Tommy V

I have never done this one, but it feels like it will be an all out sprint, too. They have a 16 minute time cap and I am guessing it will take most athletes less than half of that time to complete.

Two sprints to start the weekend, quite the change from last year. Last year the first two events were highly technical and not really a time constraint. When I say time constraint it wasn’t like the first two events last year the athletes had to work hard and feverishly to complete the work – they had plenty of time to do what needed to be done. This year the first two events will be an all out race. TONS of fun to watch. Just like Jackie a few years ago – the athletes will need to move fast and furious to win the event. The weight is light and the movements are easy. Just get the work done as fast as you can.

Those athletes who have been spending a lot of time training heavy this year might not do as well as those who have been working hard and fast and working on their short burst engine. Although, if you can snatch 300 then doing 75 reps at 75 pounds might be like doing air squats.

Less than two weeks until we get to start Regionals with the best Region – the SUPER SOUTH!


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  1. […] other day when “Hero Day” was released I wondered if anyone would go unbroken. Question answered. The athletes will have to move up the floor after every 25 reps, but as you can […]

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