Regionals Day 3 Announced

Before we talk about day 3 at Regionals, let’s watch this video of Jason Khalipa doing “Randy”.

The other day when “Hero Day” was released I wondered if anyone would go unbroken. Question answered. The athletes will have to move up the floor after every 25 reps, but as you can see Khalipa can move up without putting the bar down. He does “Randy” in about two and a half minutes. The chatter on Instagram has been if anyone will break two minutes and after watching Khalipa I don’t see how anything less than two minutes is possible. In watching that video Khalipa didn’t exactly take a break at any point.

On to day 3

The first WOD on Sunday is a lung burner: 3 rounds of 25 calorie row, 16 chest-to-bar pullups and 9 deficit handstand pushups. Another WOD that the best in the world will just step on the gas and go. I am guessing the best men complete this WOD in about six minutes. One minute to row followed by the pullups and HSPU in about a min…times three.

The final event of the weekend is similar to the final event last year. Last year the athletes had to complete 64 pullups and then like 11 or 15 overhead squat at a heavy weight, I think the men had to do 185. It was a ton of fun to watch. This year the athletes will do 15 muscle-ups and then a clean ladder (205, 225, 245, 255 and 265 for the men). Those weights to the best in the world are light and they will fly through them. They do have to be squat cleans, but still, this will be an AWESOME sprint to watch to end the weekend.

I cannot wait. Eight days until Regionals kick off. The team WODs should be announced soon. In year’s past I have liked watching teams almost more than individuals because I can root for the boxes I know – like Kilo from Iowa or Front Range or Back Country here in the Denver area, but this year we have the super teams that have Khalipa in NorCal and Rich Froning in the Central. I’m almost giddy…


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