Andrea Ager fail and my weekend #1 prediction review

What a great weekend of CrossFit competing. So much fun to watch the events from the South and Atlantic Regionals.

I am disappointed that Matt Chan and Chris Hoppe didn’t have a better showing in the South.

I loved watch OPEX come back to earn a spot to The Games.

Loved watching Natalie Newhart give it her all and I wonder if she will give it another go. She is only so big and obviously lifting really heavy is just not ever going to be something she can do. She makes a great claim for weight divisions. She killed the workouts in which heavy weight wasn’t involved, but watching her snatch heavy and try to run through the squat cleans in Event 7…couldn’t help but feel for her. Still loved her effort.

I thought Ben Smith was done after Event 5. After his final snatch he was grabbing at his wrist/elbow/forearm area and looked concerned. I thought he hurt something. Maybe he did? Maybe he just wasn’t going to bow out. Play through any pain.

Speaking of bowing out, did Lauren Brooks give up? I hate to use the phrase “give up” because no real competitor gives up, especially one that makes it to Regionals, but Brooks ended her weekend after the long chipper on Saturday morning. I read that the sumo deadlift high pulls where the reason. In watching her compete she doesn’t look to be in any pain. She doesn’t look to be moving super slow or favoring anything either. See for yourself: fast forward to 3:55:00 of this video and watch her (in the purple tank top). Her Instagram mentions that she left, but then this morning she is posting a new workout on her Instragram that has running in it. I either read somewhere or heard it on one of the update shows that Brooks pulled out due to a bad hamstring. Call me skeptical but if you have a bad hamstring that keeps you from finishing Regionals, you aren’t back to running two days after you withdraw from the event. Then again, maybe she isn’t working out today at all, maybe she is just posting the workout to her Instagram (which is weird because in scrolling through her account she RARELY posts workouts).

Noah Olsen is the real deal. Love that EZ Muhammad qualified.

Emily Bridgers is also the real deal. She manhandled the competition on day’s two and three, including Sam Briggs.

It continues to amaze me, year after year, how you think so-and-so has a lock down on a spot and then they don’t qualify. Some athletes you just think that since they did so well at The Games last year and what you see via social media indicates they are working hard and doing some amazing thing, you assume they will qualify for The Games again this year. Then things like Stacie Tovar and Sam Briggs happen last year. This year I thought Christy Adkins would be a shoe in or that Tiffany Hendrickson would also qualify. It’s hard making it to Regionals and it is even harder making it to The Games.

I totally whiffed on my predictions all around. I only got two of the male’s right from the South and three of the female’s. I had the same results in the Atlantic region: two men and three women.

Now, onto Andrea Ager

Ager loves to put herself into the spotlight. She is big on social media, has seminars (to which I have attended) and in local competitions I have seen her wave to the crowd. She plays up her looks and her “CrossFit celebrity stardom”. I think she relishes it. She lives for it. She says she does it all for God, and that may be, but I think she loves it and loves the “all eyes on me” part.

Enter Event 2 on Friday – rope climbs and thrusters. Despite her failing at the legless rope climbs last year she smashes this workout when she can use her feet on the rope climbs. As she races down the floor to victory she holds her hands high over her head. She gets into the camera lens and she eventually takes a knee and points to the sky – not like she is paying tribute to God, but rather looking like a rockstar on stage that is hyping up the crown and enjoying the “all eyes on me” fame. Here are gifs of her moment of glory:

Hands up as she crosses the finish line

Taking a knee and saying “I LOVE YOU DALLAS – GOOD NIGHT!” (ok, so maybe she didn’t say that…)

Afterwards in an interview she says a lot of the right things, I will give her credit for that. But you can really tell the true character of someone in their bad moments. Not just their bad moments, but the worst of the worst. If they can keep their composure and be a good sport then they are good people.

Well, it just so happens that Ager had one of those worst of the worst moments. After a great day one and looking like a trip to Carson might be in her future Ager struggled. She wasn’t in the final heat in Event 7 and didn’t even come close to winning the heat she was in. Frustrating, I am sure it was. But what if on the final lift she also trips and falls flat on her face in front of that crowd? All those eyes that she loves, watching her fall flat on her face when she isn’t winning. All that attention she draws to herself by social media, watching her fall. Well, that God fearing girl that she is lets a big F-bomb out. That’s what she does.

Trip, fall and curse (hard to see her mouth “fuck” in the gif, but trust me, it’s there as she turns from the railing after crossing the finish line)

That is the phony aspect of Ager if you ask me. Same thing I mentioned in my review of the Turkey Challenge last year. When she was called out by a judge for breaking a rule she stormed off the court, waving her hands in disgust.

Anyway, I am done hating on her. Take it for what you will.

Next weekend we get to watch the likes of Josh Bridges and Scott Panchik compete and our first glimpse of Jason Khalipa and Rich Froning on teams. Not to mention Julie Foucher, Mat Fraser and Michelle Letendre. We get to see if Lauren Fisher will be OK to compete after severely twisting her ankle practicing “Tommy V”. Lots of fun lined up for next weekend!

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