Sam Briggs had a broken foot last weekend

Just in case the picture doesn’t show up – click here.

That picture was taken the week before the Atlantic Regional. If you look closely at Briggs’ right leg, the one she is hiding, there is a brace on it. She had just broken her foot. Not only did that not keep her from competing last weekend, but she took second place. Let’s just review what she did last weekend on a broken foot. She ran a mile, she did 50 overhead squats, she raced through five squat cleans, she did a max snatch, she jumped up, and down, off of pullup bars and rings and then whatever else she did warming up for the various events. On a broken foot.

In her first event with a broken foot, “Randy”, she won.

And she never mentioned it. She didn’t want any excuse or anything to take away from the weekend. What a champ. What a class act. Amazing. Simply amazing.

And Lauren Brooks pulled out due to a bad hamstring. That wasn’t even making her grimace during her final workout of the weekend. You tell me, who loves the sport more? Who loves competing more? Who lives for CrossFit more? Maybe, just maybe, Brooks would rather be a model than a serious CrossFit athlete. And that’s fine, she definitely has the looks for it.

If healthy, watch out for Briggs at The Games this year. Heck, even if she isn’t healthy she is a favorite!

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