Regional predictions – weekend #2

Weekend number two is upon us! We get to watch THREE regions compete. I’m excited!

California Region

This region is stacked. Lauren Fisher (announced yesterday that her ankle is better and she is competing!), Lindsey Valenzuela (missed last year and she is hungry), Becca Voigt, Val Voboril, Annie Sakamoto (still excited to watch the OG’s compete), Alessandra Pachelli, Josh Bridges, Dan Bailey, Neal Maddox (no more Jason Khalipa getting in his way…but now he has Bailey and Bridges) and Kenny Leverich. And of course on the team side we have NorCal which is loaded with social media CrossFit darlings. Oh, and Brooke Ence and her hotness.

Men: Bridges, Maddox, Bailey, Leverich and Rasmus Wisbech Anderson are my picks to qualify. Of course, if last weekend taught us anything some no-name will come out of nowhere and take a place.

Women: Valenzuela, Voboril, Ence, Fisher and Jamie Hagiya. I think I picked Voigt to miss last year and she made it. Will she prove me wrong again this year?

Teams: I have to go with NorCal over Invictus, but it is going to be one heck of a race.

East Region

This region has got to be a no-brainer on the men’s side. Last year guys like Spencer Hendel and Austin Malleolo didn’t qualify for The Games and Mat Fraser ran away with it. I don’t see anyone in Canada giving Fraser a run for his money, even a strong guy like Paul Tremblay.

Men: Fraser, Dan Tyminski, Tremblay, Malleolo, Craig Kenney and Alex Vigneault.

Women: Michelle Letendre, Dani Horan, Maude Charron, Jenn Smith and Chelsey Hughes.

Team: CrossFit New England runs away with the team side.

Pacific Region

Men: I got to go with the names I recognize for this region: Rob Forte, Khan Porter, Chad Mackay (makes it back after missing last year), Brandon Swan and Ben Garard.

Women: Kara Webb runs away with it and I can’t pick anyone else. I don’t know any other names from this region on the women’s side.

Team: I’m not even going to try.

Time to get comfortable in front of a computer!

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